HI ROLLERS: Florida Wagers Big at Smith Hi-Roller Classic

Planning the dates to a surf contest and having good waves is always a game of odds, but it's literally a crap shoot with the SMITH HI-ROLLER events. SMITH Optic's Paul Reinecke had originally scheduled the contest for earlier in September, but his gamble never paid off. That is – until he rolled snake eyes this past Saturday and anteed up on a fun four to five foot day at the Sebastian Beach Inn.

A total of 24 competitors were hand picked to compete in the man-on-man 20 minute heats. What makes this event a bit unique from others (and a whole lot of fun) is that you can opt to roll the dice at the start of your heat for a chance to double-or-nothing the $50 carrot that you'd pocket if you win the heat. In other words, turn that fifty into a benjy.

On this day Baron Knowlton of Lake Worth had lady luck on his side. I mean this guy was busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Not only did the L. Dub goofy footer end up winning the event he also pocketed an additional $100 for winning a dice roll against Rhino.


1st Baron Knowlton $3000

2nd Jeremy Johnston $1000

3rd Ryan Helm $500

=4th Peter Mendia, Jensen Callaway, Justin Jones.

Special thanks to co-sponsors O'Neill and Sector Nine for such a great event!