Nixon High Tide Hold 'Em Recap
The Personalities and Results From An Unusual Event On Tavarua
By Alex Wilson

The plan may not have been simple, but it was fairly original: Gather a collection of personalities—from surfers to skaters to actors to musicians to filmmakers—and send them to one of the world's most exclusive surf resorts, Tavarua. And then, once they'd arrived, pit them against each other in a range of desert island activities.
In concept, it was a Nixon team reunion, but it was built loosely around a competition with multiple events to add an additional layer to the trip. "We have a ton of stuff planned," said Nixon's Brandon Lillard beforehand. "But if the waves are 8-foot the whole time, there's no way we'll get to it all. Surfing is obviously the main focus here, but, well, we'll just have to see what happens."
Unfortunately, the surf never really showed up, but the format and the people involved kept things interesting on the island until the very end. Here's a brief rundown of who attended, and how they faired in the "competition."

The "Castaways:"


Yadin Nicol:
Western Australian upstart, good-natured prankster and poker ace.

Asher Pacey:
Gold Coast native with a progressive style offset by an easygoing personality.

Claire Bevilaqua:
Ranked number 7 on the Women's WCT, 2005 'CT Rookie of the Year, wry sense of humor and forward-thinking surf technique.

Brad Gerlach:
World class performer turned hellman. Recipient of 2006 Billabong XXL Award.

Chris, Keith and Dan Malloy:
Brotherly trio of surfers, filmmakers, travelers, divers and fisherman.

Mark Healey:
Pipe and heavy water specialist. Spear fisherman, diver.

Aamion Goodwin:
Tube-rider, Pipe fixture, diver, fisherman.

Mark Cunningham:
Body surfer and Hawaiian lifeguard vet.