Hilary, You Bitch! Why'd You Stand Us Up?

Hurricane Hilary offered the promise of surf to satiate a starved So. Cal. surf scene. However she appears to have ended in disappointment. What started out as a thick powerful vortex ended up temperamentally storming out to sea, giving Baja a real taste, but leaving Southern California in the lurch.

Many of us were amped, seemingly turning a deaf ear to the wise Wavewatch.com surf forecaster Victor DeJesus, who warned us against expecting too much. The swell angle was simply too steep. And steep it was. The swell did find it's way into a few select spots, but for the most part, just as DeJesus predicted, the waves barely scratched chest high, and packed lineups were left to grovel in the weak pulses.

La Jolla and most of San Diego County remained flat Wednesday and still only seeing minor energy on Thursday and Friday. Trestles did see some chest high peaks at best, though up through Huntington chest high and weak remained the fact. There were some reports of head high waves north of HB.

Given Hillary's propensity to hang on as a hurricane for such a long time, you'd have thought more swell would arrive. But alas, according to DeJesus, unfavorable sea surface temperatures in our swell window and a quirky swell track gave the coast a false alarm. It's one of those rare times you wish you were on the East Coast. Sure you may find your house missing or your dog in a tree as the storms bear down, but surf parties such as the one Hurricane Irene threw last week make it all worthwhile. In a West coast summer plagued by lack of swell, jellyfish and red tide Hilary's denial is perfectly fitting.