Hindsight Is Always 20/20

Dane might as well be shooting for his next film in these heats. Photo: Ellis

Dane might as well be shooting for his next film in these heats. Photo: Ellis

My original Fantasy Surfer team featured Taj, Dane, and Jordy. After witnessing the blinding glow of Slater and the impenetrable armor of Fanning in the first round, I reworked my team, for the worse. Second guessing yourself can really mess things up.

Taj’s surfing has been on a parallel course with his health. Every day he feels better. Every heat he surfs better, and he might have stumbled upon the perfect formula to keep him from peeking before the finals for once.

Jordy is very close to the perfect balance of yin and yang, That’s what you achieve when you combine just the right amounts of Parko and Dane. What Jordy did today vs. Slater was the first title statement heat for 2010.

Dane still hasn’t got any keepers. When Dane paddles out his goal is to surf every bit as good as he does on a video. There were moments today, and he absolutely smashed Parko, but we haven’t seen the best of Dane. If we get to see Dane put a couple keepers in the bag, the 10s will rain and the trophy will be his. A very interesting heat looms for semifinal number two.

And then there was Bobby. The backsiders surfed pissed this year at Snapper; Kai Otton looked like he had Mick rattled from the start, and won the heat beyond a shadow of a doubt. That’s the only way to beat the champ. Bobby then went out next round vs. Kai and wax on, wax offed him up and down the point like he was at the ‘con. Bobby’s surfing has been flawless at Snapper and features greater reward with less risk than the other three semi-finalists. If/when those guys mess up, he will be there. DMX bumps through his veins, “Gots to make a move, Gots a point to prove”. Bobby Martinez is the world title contender nobody mentions. -Shea Lopez