Surfers are often picky with their wetsuits, their boards, their everything, which makes us a hard bunch to buy gifts for. We’ll use the same brand of traction pads and leashes, based on little more than a gut feeling that they’re the best, until the day we die. If a pair of boardshorts isn’t the exact right length, we can’t be bothered to surf in them. And if you give us the wrong kind of wax, we’ll scoff in disgust. So if you’re unsure of what to buy the surfer in your life–or if you’re writing a last-minute Christmas list for yourself–check out our SURFER Approved holiday roundup of products below:


“It’s hard to find good sunscreen, but this stuff is epic. No oxybenzone, no greasy hands, smells like coconut and goes on clear. A friend left me some recently and I think it’s the best sunscreen lotion I’ve ever used.” –Zander Morton, Field Editor
Price: $17.99


“I’ve never been big on changing up my fins. And I can’t say for sure exactly why this pair works so well. But I’ve ridden the Freestone fins in a couple of my favorite boards since picking them up last month, and they’ve made each board feel at least 10 percent better.” –Zander Morton, Field Editor Price: $110


“In the realm of surfing products, there's only a few that leave you feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside about being sustainable, but also literally warm and fuzzy while in the water.”
–Donny Stevens, Art Director Price: $499


“This board sat in my office for over a month after I begged to get a test run on it via team manager Dayton Silva. A combination of family sickness and work kept me from giving it a test-spin, but our social media manager Adam Jara rode it and loved it. Also, there's a couple "feels" on this model that remind me of the old Occy Model. That model and Mayhem's Sub-Driver are still two of my favorite boards I've ever owned. This board seems like a hybrid between the two. It could work great, it could suck. But regardless, I want one.”
–Pete Taras, Digital Director Price: $780


“For those days when you get out of the freezing ocean and want to heat up with some soup on the beach (you do that too, right?), the Primus Onja two-burner stove is an awesome tool. Stylish, easy to use and transport, uses regular iso-butane canister fuel, this little baby is a terrific addition to the outdoorsy surfer’s gear shed.” –Justin Housman, Features Editor
Price: $149.95


“I'm probably too old for one of these at this stage of my life, but I was playing with one in Hawaii and it’s just fun getting to watch your session. I remember when I was younger, my dad would film me and you would see yourself paddling, you'd see yourself kick out, then a shot of his foot and it would cut out–that’s how it usually goes when you want someone to film your session. Trying to get your wife or girlfriend to film doesn't happen—they're reading a magazine or not watching. But if you get this, you better live in a place with a low crime rate.”
–Grant Ellis Price: $899.99


“I've had one board, an MR Super Twin, that was a collab between MR and Matt Biolos and it was one of my favorite boards. Every time I see one of MR’s boards, I think they're super beautiful and I know they work. Shortboards in Australia are expensive, so I'm sure they're hard to get. But a guy can dream.” –Grant Ellis, Photo Editor Price: Great question


“Have you ever used one of these things? The high-pressure nozzle, the no-frills design, the sweet, hot water within—these are the things that post-winter-surf dreams are made of. This thing is making appropriated camp showers go the way of the dinosaur, and good riddance. I could never find anything to hang that awkward bag on anyway.” -Todd Prodanovich, Editor Price: $74.95


“I've never actually ridden one of these, and odds are you haven't either—after all, the price tag and the fact that they look like they came from another dimension are significant barriers to entry. But hey, if you're asking for this as a gift, then you ain't the one buying, so might as well roll the dice and order one of these interdimensional rip sticks. Burch, Bryce Young and their pals sure make them look fun as hell, so that lopsided tail must be doing something right.”
-Todd Prodanovich, Editor Starting price: $850


“I’ve been all about that twin fin life recently and have always admired these puppies. They’re based off Mark Richard’s famous twin fin template, which will give any little fish or twinny a good amount of drive and speed. They come with an additional stabilizer fin in case you want to add just a touch of control to the normally loosy goosy feel of a traditional fish. Plus, those colors. Yas please.” –Ashtyn Douglas, Managing Editor Price: $100


“As much as I love surfing in warm water locales like Hawaii or the South Pacific, I’m not a huge fan of surfing in a bikini. Some women are able to shred in a two piece. I, however, cannot and hate always having to worry if my goodies are in place when I pop up or kick out of a wave. That’s why I love these surf leggings. Again, I’m digging the colors. But the materials and the design make them comfortable and flexible to wear. These would be a great gift for any surf-stoked woman in your life.” –Ashtyn Douglas, Managing Editor Price: $130


“This board is such a blast to ride on point breaks if you love down the line speed/trimming. It's got plenty of volume so it paddles like a dream. If you're looking for a good curveball in your quiver, this board is perfect.” –Adam Jara, Social Media Manager Price: $863-865


“For summer, especially in California, this vest is ideal. The neoprene is top notch, and say what you will about the front zip jacket, it's the ease in which you can take it on and off that's the best. Sure, you'll get heckles from your friends calling you a Dion or Ozzie Wrong lookalike, but I'd take it as a badge of honor.” –Adam Jara, Social Media Manager Price: $119.95