Against The Grain – Honolulu

Hurley and Surfer magazine have come together to produce the Against The Grain: Surfing and Punk-Rock Collide art show to celebrate the evocative surf/music symbiosis of the late-70's and 80's. The show will exhibit in seven galleries around the world beginning July 15th in Tokyo, Japan and will conclude at the ASR trade show in San Diego, CA on September 11th. Following ASR, the boards will be auctioned off on Ebay and all proceeds will be donated to VH1's Save The Music Charity.

With the birth of a new sound in the late-1970's, a shift in the music paradigm triggered the development of an entirely new way of surfing, and the twin-fin board launched into the water and the surf circuit. The music, blasting in the walkmen of surfers at that time, was crass and hard and screamed rebellion, punk-rock was here! And since these surfers were drawing from the raw, nihilistic tunes of such bands as The Sex Pistols, Circle Jerks and The Clash, they too needed a louder, more radical instrument, a board that slashed and thrashed a wave, went against the grain and the lines of the water.

The Against the Grain… art show features two custom-shaped
twin-fin boards from each of the era's most influential shapers including Mark Richards, Ben Aipa, Bob Hurley, Al Merrick, Lance Collins, Shawn Stussy, Peter Schroff and Spider Murphy. Each board's deck will be air-sprayed (also from that era) and then given to one of the legendary artists of the punk-scene to apply artwork to the bottom of the board including, The Dead Kennedys' record album artist, Winston Smith; preeminent L.A. punk-scene photographer, Edward Colver; The Circle Jerks' Keith Morris; Hysteric Glamour's Stephen Jay-Rayon; Suicidal Tendencies' Mike Clark; TSOL's Jack Grisham; The Ramones' "fifth" band member, Arturo Vega; Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh; the Surf Punk's record album artist, Tommy Steele and some of Hurley's most respected artists and friends, including skater Kris Markovich, Joe McElroy, Bradie Shemke,
Jo Jo Whitmarsh, Thad Matson, Dean Bradley and Buffmonster.

Following, please find the working schedule of the Against The Grain: Surfing and Punk-Rock Collide art show:

July 15th & 16th Tokyo, Japan Club Unice 7PM
July 23rd Oahu, Hawaii Hyatt Hotel Waikiki 7PM
July 29th & 30th New York,
New York CB's 313 6PM
August 5th & 6th San Francisco, CA 111 Minna Gallery
111 Minna St, SF 6PM
August 12th & 13th Los Angeles, CA Tracy Park Gallery
1431 Ocean Ave,
Santa Monica 6PM
August 18th-20th Orange County, CA Hurley Headquarters, Costa Mesa TBD
9th-11th San Diego, CA (ASR) ASR Tradeshow TBD

If you have any further questions, please contact Julie Weitzberg at 949/548-9376 x3504 or