HUNGRY FOR HOSSEGOR: Countdown To Event Three Of The Women's Tour

The Men’s Fantasy Surfer is blowing up. The skyboxes are full, the team-swapping is on overdrive, and people are winning surfboards and free stuff right and left. But let's be honest, with thousands of people playing and 45 'CT surfers to choose from for your team, your chances of winning might just be better on the women's side. And with a $1000 Billabong wardrobe up for grabs as the grand prize for Women's Fantasy Surfer and Billabong prize packs awarded to the winner of each event on the tour, free stuff may just be a few team picks away. And the women's side of the game isn't just for women—it's just as much fun to root for the girls. Granted, if you happen to be male, the prize may not be entirely appealing—but hey, I'm sure you all have some lady friends who'd be amped on some free gear.

Currently on the women's tour, there's been a few months of down time, a much-needed break before the next event in France at the end of the month. But with the majority of the events still to come, they've each spent their downtime preparing to up their game and make some changes in the current rankings. In case you're not familiar with the girls on tour (or if you just want to know what the pros think), we got a hold of some of some of the top women surfers to get the top three they'd pick for their teams.

Now’s your opportunity to get in on the action—read up on the stats, see what the girls have to say about their peers, and pick a team that will dominate.

Keala Kennelly’s Picks:

Steph Gilmore: She is a contest machine and a very strong and polished surfer.

Sophia Mulanovich: She has a great fluid style with a really low center of gravity and she is a little darling.

Mel Bartels: If she would just bother to show up and believe in herself she could win it all, she is the most progressive woman surfer in the world.

Nicola Atherton’s Picks:

Stephanie Gilmore: She's an obvious choice, I know, but she is an amazing all-around surfer with a steady mind and attitude. Awesome to watch in all conditions. Atherton

Silvana Lima: She has had a slow start to this year, but with the next few events on beach breaks, I think she will be in her element. She is super exciting to watch and with a WQS win under her belt I think she will be very confident.

Sofia Mulanovich: She's already out front with a win at Snapper and a runner-up at Bells. She will be looking to maintain her consistent run and is a very versatile surfer—dangerous in all conditions.

Holly Beck's Picks:

Steph Gilmore: Great style, good mental control, a proven champion.

Sophia Mulanovich: She wants to earn her crown back badly. She has great support from her boyfriend. She has been traveling a lot and ripping everywhere she goes.

Sam Cornish: Always been one of the best surfers. Solid, smooth, consistent style. Excels under pressure. Has finally got her head straight and confidence where it needs to be. She is due to step up.

Coco Ho's Picks:

Steph Gilmore: To me, Steph is the strongest and most fluid. She is great competitor, in the best physical and mental condition, and knows how to read waves really well. That's exactly what it takes to be on the top at each event.

Sofia Mulanovich: Sofia is a really strong competitor. She has this "savvy" not many of the other girls on tour have, or at least that I can see. She is small and compact which helps in tricky conditions on tour, yet she still rips in big perfect surf! Of all the girls on tour she seems like the most vicious competitor and I like that about her.

Silvana Lima: Silvana has the talent in the water—that's a fact. I don’t know if competition-wise she is as strong as Steph and Sofia. I'm not one to talk—my competition skills suck—and yet Silvana was still runner-up last year and racked in a few strong results to do so. She's on my top three because of her capability on waves of all types.