Hottie Holly Beck on the Hot Seat

Holly Beck is rapidly becoming one of the surfing world’s most visible stars. In the past year alone she’s appeared on countless TV shows, including The Best Damn Sports Show, MTV, and of course most recently as star of the WB’s Boarding House. We caught up with the former NSSA National Champion to get her real thoughts on reality TV, competitive rivalries and of course, perverted surfers.

SURFER You’re on TV more than any other surfer I know, how are you handling that?

HOLLY BECK It’s pretty overwhelming but it’s been going on for a while now because I have a really good manager, so I’m almost getting used to it. I used to record all the stuff I was on. Now, I don’t really even have time.

SURFER Boarding House highlighted a rivalry between you and Veronica Kay. Is that rivalry with her real?

HOLLY BECK Oh it’s real. I mean, I’ve always been the anti-Roxy Girl, but not consciously. It’s just that V.K. and I were both in the NSSA together. She was pretty much the princess of the NSSA by the time I got there, basically everything I wanted to be. But she would only hang with the cool people and I wasn’t one of them, so I hated her for that. Plus, she always beat me…or at least finished ahead of me. Then she quit competing and went off to be a Roxy model and suddenly her face was everywhere and it sort of haunted me. In fact, on my 18th birthday a bunch of my friends took a Roxy ad of her and blew it up into a dartboard.

SURFER Wow…Girls are scary.

HOLLY BECK Absolutely.

SURFER Did you become friends?

HOLLY BECK You know, we’re not buddy buddy or anything. But we accept each other for who we are and we respect our differences.

SURFER Perhaps we’ve been looking in the wrong place for surfing’s next big rivalry?

HOLLY BECK Well, women are competitive by nature anyway, especially female surfers. When I was growing up each girl had her posse of boys to hang with, and she was the girl and those were her guys. No other girl really threatened you and eventually there’s an attitude that grows from that. If another girl came along and at first you were like, “Cool, another girl.” But eventually it turned into, “Wait a minute. I’m the girl of this group. Back off.”

SURFER It seemed like there was a lot of sexual tension in that house.

HOLLY BECK Yeah, Danny had girls every night. We were laughing at him because most of these girls just wanted to get on TV, and he knew it, but he used it to his advantage, and more power to him for that. He’s a self-admitted player.

SURFER But isn’t it okay for girls to be players these days, too?

HOLLY BECK Ah, that’s the double-standard question everyone still asks. You know, with all the female power going on and everything it seems like there’s some liberation in that department. I’m not condoning it or anything but I’m certainly not going to judge a girl if she has a tendency to hook up.

SURFER I imagine you get some pretty strange advances being a cute girl in a world full of guys. Who are the creepiest guys you have to deal with?