How to Escape for the Summer

Five favorite summer getaways, according to Dillon Perillo

Dillon Perillo, adding another stamp to his passport in India. Photo: Burkard

You’re probably yearning for an open road and an empty pointbreak right about now so a summer getaway is key. The world is a big place, so to help you get started we asked Dillon Perillo--a man whose passport is always within arm’s reach--to see what his ideal itinerary is for the summer months.

If warm-water pointbreaks are your thing, then El Salvador is ready and waiting. Photo: Ghiglia

El Salvador: Close proximity to California and it’s propensity for perfect pointbreaks makes it an easy choice. “Between the price and consistency, El Salvador’s a great place,” says Dillon. “It’s only one flight and a short drive to any of the thousand surf camps along their coast, which makes it easy to score. It can tend to over-populate at times, but there are plenty of waves and breaks to mix it up. Seems like every headland produces some sort of surf.”

Panamanian tube: Insert yourself. Photo: Ghiglia

Panama: Although it requires a bit more effort to get there, according to Dillon, Panama’s worth it. “It’s a bit of a journey, but it’s well worth the trip. The nights always rage and there’s great surf too. If you hug the Caribbean coastline, you won’t be disappointed. It’s like an archipelago of surfboarding glee.”

Ask anyone who has been there, and they'll shed tears of joy regaling you with tales of 10-second barrels. Photo: Ghiglia

Mexico: For any connoisseur of right-hand points, there are few destinations that can rival southern Mexico. “Pretty obvious choice here, but southern Mexico’s got to be on your list of places to go,” says Dillon. “Only because of all the right-handers. Even though the place is extremely close, it can still feel like a real adventure getting there.”

Icy water and thick rubber isn't your first thought when thinking of summertime, but maybe it should be. Photo: Koreski

Canada: Think your next trip has to include warm-water wax and SPF 50? Well, it doesn’t. “Vancouver Island  is beautiful,” says Dillon. “It’s obviously not tropical, but who said you have to travel to somewhere hot with lots of coconuts? Just bring your 4/3 and booties and an open state of mind. The surf is very fun and it’s uncrowded. Between fresh salmon and sea planes, there’s nowhere more vast and enjoyable. You could see a black bear or two, and maybe even a bald eagle.”

The oft-overlooked waves of Japan are worth investigating for yourself. Photo: Kin

Japan: Although it’s been overlooked as a surf destination in years past, Japan has become the vogue destination for surfers in the know. “It’s the typhoon capital of the planet. I went to Japan last summer and had one the best times I’ve ever had in my life,” says Dillon. “For awhile Japan seemed neglected and forgotten, but that place has the most potential in the world for surfing. If I could buy Japan stock right now I’d go all in and come out rich in 20 years. Tokyo promotes hedonism and so do the typhoon swells, just don’t forget to karaoke.”

What’s your favorite place to escape to in the summer? Leave your answer in the comments section below.