HOT SEAT: Wild Child Christian Fletcher

When we heard that San Clemente’s aerial artist and skin-art canvas Christian Fletcher recently scored a speaking part in the new Charlie’s Angels sequel and had since moved to Hollywood we were shocked. But can you imagine our surprise when we learned that this son of a beach had actually had moved to Hollywood and Vine before he got his big break? Sure, anyone who’s seen Fletcher surf lately will attest that the Wild One still has his aerial chops. But the transition from Trestles to Tinseltown? Obviously, major grounds for a searing on the HOT SEAT.

SURFER: Christian, you grew up on Cotton’s Point, a surfer’s dream. Why Hollywood?

CHRISTIAN FLETCHER: Well, Orange County sucks, especially after dark. There’s nothing to do down there at all. Plus my girlfriend lives up here.

But do really enjoy living there?

Yeah, it’s cool up here because I can leave my house and not run into every f–king loser I knew growing up. I like not knowing anybody. I live in a little Jewish community and nobody talks to me, so it’s perfect.

So this Charlie’s Angels gig, does that kind of stuff just happen naturally when you live up there?

No (laughs), actually I have a publicist and she lined it up for me.

A publicist? You?


Wow, you really have gone Hollywood.