GREEN GORGES: Surfers Ride Biggest Swell to Ever Hit British & Irish Isles

There’s the leprechaun thing. There's the drinking thing. And then there's the luck thing. But a new stigma is slowly growing in Irish waters: the heavy water thing. On December 1st, 2007 the biggest swell to ever hit the British and Irish Isles surged forth, and a few brave men anted up to meet the challenge.

Among them was South African, Duncan Scott, accompanied by his tow partner Alistair Mennie. When asked about surfing the largest swell recorded by the Marine Institutes’ buoys, Scott responded, "These were the biggest waves I have ever surfed, but I never felt in danger because we were using experienced riders who were on hand all the time."

While Scott may have felt safe, the storm had epic overtones. The gargantuan swell was the largest since 2005 which measured about 40 feet in Galway Bay. Saturday’s record-setting swell came in the wake of multiple flood and high water warnings before meeting surfboards in Mullaghmore Bay on Saturday morning.

The low pressure system responsible for this feat spun out of control over the Atlantic, sending purple and red pulses Ireland's way. Some sources predicted that the swell would peak into the 90 foot range. It may not have breached the triple digit status, but the proof is in the pudding: this swell was no joke. Maybe it’s high time for one more Irish drinking song.