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Inside the mind of Jack Freestone

Jack Freestone, blasting off at J-Bay. Photo: Frieden

After winning the Oakley Pro Junior in Bali in 2011, the Gold Coast's up-and-comer has continued to solidify his place in surfing's vanguard. In Billabong's latest film, Daze at Sea, Jack's casual style and progressive savvy make him a standout, even next to incredible talents like Ryan Callinan and Peterson Crisanto. That's what you already knew about Jack, here are some things that you didn't.

Big Sean, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, and Lil' Wayne.

Private Party:
I'd hire out Richard Branson’s island and throw in lots of friends, loads of women, a few DJ’s, and some drinks to add to the mood. Good times.

My Worst:
Sorry, I don’t have a worst.

Dream session:
I did a trip south of the Goldie to a certain wedgey wave that works on clean south swells. It was 4-foot and perfect walls for carving and blowing tail, with a sick barrel section. I surfed with one of my best mates, Brent Savage, from 5am to 6pm. I was so spent after the day, but it was fun as hell. Great memories...

I've been skunked a bunch of times traveling down the coast from home, but nothing noteworthy.

World View:
I really haven’t taken as much notice world issues as I probably should. I would like to think we are working towards making it a better place to live, but I think that time could be against us.

My bad:
I called dibs on her, even though you clearly saw her first.

Hall of Fame:
Bruce and Andy Irons, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Taj Burrow, Brent Dorrington, and Mason Ho.

Rom Coms, Prometheus, Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy, and most definitely any George Clooney films--I’m a fan of his flicks.

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max
Escobar: The inside story of Pablo Escobar by Roberto Escobar
Men’s Health
The Los Angeles Times

I don’t do too much cooking purely cause I never have taken the time to learn. I have been learning a lot while on the road and my specialty right now is pesto pasta with sundried tomatoes and pine nuts. When I am at home I eat religiously at my local restaurant, Little Lido. They make the meanest food ever.

Watch Jack in Daze at Sea:

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