HUMAN TOUCH Macy Mullen and Jamie Parkhurst

After schooling a healthy chunk of the SURFER edit staff on the ping-pong table, Electric Visual's Macy Mullen and Jamie Parkhurst made their way through the SURFER office to say whatsup. Throughout their entire three-hour jaunt, the pair never stopped laughing. Not once. One liners and putdowns were apparently the order of the day as the two laced into each other and a few unlucky SURFER staffers with enough quick-witted, smart-ass remarks to warrant their own HBO standup series. Between the laughs and cackles, we were able to get a few questions in with dynamic duo.

Who would you invite to your own private party?

Macy Mullen: Everyone, I would flat out invite everyone! [Laughs]

Jamie Parkhurst: Jessica Alba, Taj, and Giselle probably. Yeah, I think that would do it for me. [Laughs]


M.M.: I'm all hip-hop lately. Kanye's new album is super sick. Hieroglyphics are the shit; basically anything with a good beat.

J.P.: Mostly metal and punk for me. Like The Misfits, ya know, stuff like that.


M.M.: Knocked Up, it's f–king hilarious. That movie is unbelievable from start to finish. That might be the funniest movie of all time. [Macy begins laughing uncontrollably for a good minute.]

J.P.: What was the last movie I saw? Oh yeah, The Bourne Ultimatum, that movie was sick.


M.M.: Anything my mom cooks, she can do no wrong in the kitchen. [Laughs]

J.P.: Probably Mexican food. I can't think of anything better than that.