HUMAN TOUCH: Pancho Sullivan

Pancho Sullivan is the sultan of stylish stomp. This guy exudes power. The spray coming off of Pancho’s rail is like an 1800 PSI firehose. He is the anti-flick. We've all seen him gouge, charge, and throw caution to the trades. But did you know he used to buck hay? — Insert stupid farm animal joke here. — We did a little research and found out bucking hay involves running with 75-pound hay bales toward a truck…it sounds like, um… hard work…hey, did you know Pancho likes Cookies n Cream? All kidding aside, the surf world would be an even greater place if it were filled with more humans like Pancho Sullivan. Here's a little humanity from's HUMAN TOUCH.

What TV show are you perhaps a little embarrassed to admit that
you like?

PANCHO SULLIVAN: My wife likes to watch “A Baby Story” and I must admit that I do
really like it. It's really beautiful to see these people become parents and
to here the joy and love that has surrounded their lives by becoming a
parent. It's truly a blessing and changes peoples lives forever.

Do you speak another language?

PANCHO SULLIVAN: I do not, but it is one of my goals in life.

What is your earliest surfing memory?

PANCHO SULLIVAN: Paddling out through 6-foot shorebreak at
Kalalau Valley on the nose of my Godfathers surfboard to get out to a boat
that was going to give us a ride back down the coast. I was only 2-years old,
but it is forever etched in my mind…holding on to the nose and paddling up
the face and flying over the back. I was hooked for life.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

PANCHO SULLIVAN: Cookies and Cream.

Do you collect anything?

PANCHO SULLIVAN: The closest thing would be plants. I enjoy
collecting a variety of different tropicals for my property.
Do you have any pets?

PANCHO SULLIVAN: I have 3 dogs; Ipo, Cinnamon and Rufus. I also have
2 cats, Phil and Dave.

Do you consider yourself a fisherman?

PANCHO SULLIVAN: Not really. I love to eat them but
rarely go fishing anymore. I used to spearfish a little.

What kind of car do you drive?

PANCHO SULLIVAN: A good old gas guzzling, corporate
shareholding, profit increasing, Chevy Silverado 1500 pick up truck. It
serves a great purpose with dump runs and lumber runs but could easily be a
hybrid if the stockholders in Chevy did not also own most of the stock in
the oil and gas companies.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it

PANCHO SULLIVAN: My level of patience.

What is the biggest issue facing the pro surfing world

PANCHO SULLIVAN: All of the politics.

What is the oddest job you’ve ever had?

PANCHO SULLIVAN: I have done all kinds of jobs from
washing dishes to pounding nails and carrying wood. I guess it would be
bucking hay. I was in Oregon for the summer back in high school and doing
odd jobs. Not really something many surfers get the chance to do, buck hay.

What do you think about the possible PWC ban at Mavericks?

PANCHO SULLIVAN: It's a shame. When
someone who lobbied to have it banned needs to be rescued and there is no
one there to save their life then they will realize the importance of
allowing them out there. If no one is paddling into the waves then PWC
should be allowed to do tow-ins. The new 4-stroke engines are quite and more
fuel efficient. If the drivers are tow-certified then it's a blessing to have
a few of them out in the line up. They can save lives.

If you could be sponsored by one non-surfing product, what
would it be and why?

PANCHO SULLIVAN: Down to Earth health food store.

Have you done any significant environmental work recently?

PANCHO SULLIVAN: I just became a
member of the Pupukea Paumalu land trust committee. I will be trying to help
protect the land above Pipeline from being developed. This land can be
purchased and converted to a park and natural reserve rather than million
dollar estates that would destroy the natural beauty of the North Shore,
cause run-off and other environmental issues which would cause further
damage to the reefs. If anyone is interested in more information they can
go to for more information. The North Shore community
land trust is trying to raise the remaining $1,000,000.00 to purchase the
property and to permanently protect the property forever. Please help.
Calling all surf companies who profit big time from surf imagery that comes
from the North Shore. Step up and send donations to help the cause. Mahalo.

What is the gnarliest injury you’ve sustained, surfing or

PANCHO SULLIVAN: Over 100 stitches in my leg from a fin gash that earned me five days
in the hospital. They were really concerned about infection and thought I
could loose my leg.

What was the last book you read?

PANCHO SULLIVAN: Stupid White Men by Michael Moore; Very
interesting facts about politics, environmental and socio-economic issues
facing America.

Are you into hunting?

PANCHO SULLIVAN: No. Id rather plant fruit trees and edible plants.