HUMAN TOUCH: Daize Shayne

Daize Shayne, you may recognize her as one of the original wholesomely gorgeous Roxy Girls. And you may also know that she's a world champion longboarder. And you may even know that she is an accomplished photographer, singer and songwriter. But were you aware that she derives musical inspiration from AC/DC, as well as chocolate and sex (together)? Learn more about Daize as we give you a bit of her in this installment of HUMAN TOUCH.

Do you speak another language?

DAIZE: Ho bah what??? You no dat.. Pigeon all the way. Oh yeah, and I’ve picked up a few more along the way…
mustreme sus msculos
Valhala, De drar ned bro
o est hossegor ou une vague que je peux surfer
Ich hasse Ihre Art der Speise
Amo i suoi baffi .

Other than surfing, do you train or work out?

DAIZE: Las toneladas del sexo con mi hombre. Tomando dosis
excesiva en el chocolate y correr a Keiki… (Oops, I
think I’m still stuck on question #1).

What’s the best surf trip you’ve ever been on?

DAIZE: I got off the plane and was overtaken by the
warm balmy breeze. Loaded my boards on to a boat that carried me over a sea
of sheet blue glass and then watched one of those sunsets that sears your
mind forever. The sky was violet w/strokes of fuschia painted across it.
Clouds that were pure w/white turned peach, like they too had been seduced
w/their surroundings. It wasn’t until I lay down to sleep that I realized
I would be here in paradise surfing great Fijian waves for a week. My
friends and I shared perfect warm water waves everyday… some playful, some
causing me to feel diffident as I paddled out. We all ate like kings and
slept like queens. The comradery I felt w/my friends was unprecedented. It
was as though time stood still and the whole world was at peace with itself.
I left Fiji with a one way ticket back in my heart. I arrived at home and
before I could unpack my things, 2 airplanes, like the one I had just been
on, had plowed into the World Trade Center. No surf trip would ever be the

What is your earliest surfing memory?

DAIZE: My earliest recollection happened before I
actually grabbed a board. I told the boys that I was going to start and they
laughed in my face and said, “Ah no haole girl going catch waves wit us
out. Grab one thong and stay on da beach.” That started my fire- I grabbed
a thong AND a board!!!

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

DAIZE: Well if I’m feeling frisky I’ll gravitate
towards Cookies-n-Cream. If I’m feeling fat I’ll grab Chunky Monkey. If I’m
Struggling… Rocky Road. When I’m frazzled I’ll do Half Baked, and when I’m
really excited I’ll just have Vanilla.

Do you collect anything?

DAIZE: I’ve collected a few years, I’ve collected
past issues of Surfer magazine, I’ve collected a HUGE credit card bill (trying to
pay that sucker off), I’ve collected TONS of good music, some friends, some
enemies and some unforgettable memories to balance it all out.

Do you have any pets?

DAIZE: I have the sexiest animal alive… he’s tall,
dark and has-some. Oh yeah, and a pound kitty named Simon.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it

DAIZE: Everyday I find things I could change about
myself. I change my mind, my underwear, try to change my attitude for the
better, change the radio station, and now I’m gonna this question.

What is the biggest issue facing the pro surfing world

DAIZE: Will “The Bruce Movie” be the best surf movie
ever? Will Laird ever max out his American Express card? Will women’s
surfing ever really be taken seriously? And of course the million dollar
question: Will Dustin Barca ever get the recognition he deserves?

What is the oddest job you’ve ever had?

DAIZE: Mentoring inner city teenagers. One kid’s
dad blew himself away in broad daylight because he found out that the
mother, who was a prostitute, had slept with his best friend, or giving a 12
year old girl a pregnancy test. I could write a book on this.

What do you think about the possible PWC ban at Mavericks?

DAIZE: PWC what does that stand for…Poor Wasted
Crack-head?? No seriously, I’m not qualified to judge the issue with
motorized vehicles in the line up. I do know that I have so much respect
for big wave riding and always have loved the photos that come from it.

If you could be sponsored by one non-surfing product, what
would it be and why?

DAIZE: I’d like to be endorsed by whoever Barbie is
sponsored by ’cause that bitch has everything!!!

Have you done any significant environmental work recently?

DAIZE: I just played at the Surfrider Foundation
party which raised some good coin. I also got to work the runway for the
U.N.’s 50th anniversary “Catwalk On The Wild Side”, where the world theme
was the Environment. I always try to pick up the trash on the beach when I
surf and most importantly I send all tourists looking for the perfect waves
to Waikiki.

What is the gnarliest injury you’ve sustained, surfing or

DAIZE: Enduring Christian Fletchers encouraging jabs every
winter; When Joel Tudor got me kicked off my wet-suit sponsor (serious
injury, ha); when I contracted chicken pox in Australia. And landing head
first into a peanut shark. All these things are way worse than getting 8
stitches in my head from a small day at Pipe.

Where do you receive musical inspiration?

DAIZE: Miles Davis, Zeppelin,
Jesus, Ella Fitzgerald, Al Green, Lanikai beach, all of Kauai, Bob Marley,
driving fast, driving slow (can’t stand driving slow), Rolling Stones,
AC/DC, love, Billie Holiday, airports, kids, good movies, wine, sex and

For more information and insight about Daize check out her website .