Hurricane Hilary Info: Will She Move to the Left?

What was tropical storm Hilary has generated into a full blown, pardon the pun, hurricane. According to the 2am Sunday National Hurricane Center discussion, Hurricane Hilary is blustering along at 16 mph with 70 knot maximum sustained winds. For surfers, the news is good, as she is forecast to strengthen even more, up to 90 knots, according to the various computer models. Also from the good news department, she is forecast to move into the Southern California swell window early in the week.

Hilary is a fairly large hurricane, she is moving over warm waters, and in the right direction. As you know, with weather systems anything is possible. Nonetheless, Hilary has all the early makings of a substantial swell maker ala Hurricane Linda a few years back. We’ll all just have to wait and see how she truly behaves. Will she move to the left?


INITIAL 21/0900Z 14.6N 105.3W 70 KT

12HR VT 21/1800Z 15.2N 107.4W 80 KT

24HR VT 22/0600Z 15.9N 109.9W 85 KT

36HR VT 22/1800Z 16.7N 112.3W 90 KT

48HR VT 23/0600Z 17.5N 114.3W 90 KT

72HR VT 24/0600Z 19.0N 117.0W 80 KT

96HR VT 25/0600Z 20.5N 118.5W 70 KT

120HR VT 26/0600Z 22.0N 120.0W 55 KT

Make sure to check for swell, surf, and conditions in your area.

National Hurricane Center DATA/INFO
– Issued at 2 AM PDT MON AUG 22 2005

Hurricane HILARY Forecast/Advisory Number 13
Hurricane HILARY Discussion Number 13

Hurricane HILARY Graphics – Issued at 900Z