GUSTAV UPDATE: Hurricane Downgraded After Making Landfall

After smashing into Louisiana on Monday morning, soaking much of the state in a storm surge as high as six feet, Hurricane Gustav downgraded into a tropical storm. While the system continues a steady trek northwest towards Texas, all storm advisories and warnings have been revoked as of Monday night.

View photos from Gustav’s and its affect on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

The storm pounded devastating surf into the Gulf Coast of Florida as well as the Atlantic, and despite the damage, our East Coast photographers were on hand to document it. Check out photos here.

As Louisiana looks to rebuild with a wary eye to the horizon, Hurricane Hannah inches its way toward the Eastern Seaboard. According to the projected path, the Outer Banks and Florida could have another run of serious surf on their hands in the coming week. Beyond that, Tropical Storm Ike could be a storm to watch into next weekend. Stay tuned to as Hurricane Season 2008 unfolds.