Hollywood Surfers: Who's just acting?

With piles of cash, no nine-to-five restrictions and easy access to Malibu, you’d think Tinseltown would be populated entirely by diehard waveriders. Alas, not the case. While they may appear to take off into huge barrels onscreen, in the real world, most celebrities restrict their taking off to Lear Jets and nude scenes. That said, there are some stars we wish would paddle out from time to time. Trainer Mike Justus recently gave Cameron Diaz a couple of lessons so she could at least stand up for her surf scenes in the upcoming Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. “She would be a great surfer,” Justus said, “and welcome in any line-up.”


  • Heath Ledger (stoked on Ned Kelly Aussie location shoot, "…so I can catch up on my surfing.")
  • Owen Wilson (surfing con man Jack Ryan in the upcoming Hawaii-based crime thriller, The Big Bounce.)
  • Jolene Blalock (foxy Vulcan T’Pol on Star Trek Enterprise.)
  • Jamey Sheridan (Captain James Deakins on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.)
  • Sanoe Lake (Lena in Blue Crush.)
  • Sean Penn (Narration in Dogtown and Z-Boys.)
  • Tom Hanks (outhouse soul surfer in Castaway.)


  • Cameron Diaz (But in that bikini, who cares?)
  • Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez (Anne Marie and Eden in Blue Crush. While both Bosworth and Rodriguez rode the knee-slappers, all the big-wave stuff featured stunt doubles and digital effects.)
  • Sheryl Crow (She took a few lessons to appear able to shred it up in her recent "Soak up the Sun" video.)
  • Rick Fox (claimed to be "getting the hang of this surfing thing" in a Ford commercial. His publicist says he has "surfed a few times when he goes on vacation.")