In Frame: Rory Pringle

Rory and Mason Ho: a pairing that makes too much sense

There's too much evidence in this world to not believe in fate. The world is full of pairings that make too much sense. Jordan and Pippen. Simon and Garfunkel. Sonny and Cher. Cheese and Wine. Kim and Kayne. Rory Pringle and Mason Ho.

By now, you're probably familiar with Mason Ho’s fun-loving edits. And while we’re on the subject, can we have an appreciative moment of silence for these? How thankful we should be that they exist! Meet the other half of Mason Ho's editing bay: Rory Pringle. He's been working with Mase now for over a decade, gaining notoriety for his loose …Lost like style films and edits. We caught up with Rory at his house in the Velzyland Valley on Oahu to understand just how a surf kid from Charleston, South Carolina, who grew up surfing Folly Beach (home to some of the most dedicated locals, and hands-down one of the most inconsistent, miserable beach breaks 300 days of the year) ended up on the North Shore running around with the likes of Mason and crew.

So how did you get connected with Mason?

Pretty sure I first met Mason in Cali when all the boys were doing the USSF Nationals back in 2000-2001. Him, Drew Pringle, Keoni “Cheeseburger” Nozaki, Eric Geiselman – all the boys used to terrorize the comp towns in-between heats. These guys were just huge personalities. I remember them being these talented mini-terrors rocking long hair. Then in 2003, we moved to V-Land, right down the street from Mason. With all those guys going to school together and right down the street from me, we eventually crossed paths and became friends. He'd come over, raid the fridge, and bail with a bunch of snacks.

What was your first project with Mason?

Our first 'project' was probably just all of us filming each other. The whole crew all cramming into my Jeep — flying down Pupukea going absolutely apeshit on trashcans and mailboxes. I remember 13-year old Cheeseburger crying from laughing so hard. We had a few warm-up edits in 2009 before we dropped our first lengthier edit, "3 Days at Rocky Point" in 2010. It was three consecutive days of filming Mase and the gang regulating Rockies.

Your editing style seems like a throwback to the ’90's Wave Warrior videos and early 2000’s …Lost videos. What's your approach to your editing style?

Every one of those …Lost videos influenced me. How raw were those! I know of at least one filmer who was attacked by one of its own riders. It was just so real. As for working with Mason, the approach is simple; capture him and his friends at home doing their routine – ripping and rousting the hell out of each other. It's something everyone can relate to. Nothing is ever scripted. These guys are nuts around each other with or without a camera around. And it continues in the water – more comedy, and more pushing each other to become better surfers. When that many big personalities come together, it's on.

How much influence does Mason have in your editing style and choice of music?

Mason is the Storyteller. The Dreamweaver [Laughs]. He was always the one blazing past midnight with that pure amp excitement to get the movie finished. I'd be KO'd already in bed and he'd be on the floor next to me going ham on that edit. He always wants your input, though. He wants your reaction, wants to know if the song is sick or not, but in the end, he knows exactly what he wants. I try to tailor the filming around that and how he wants the the edit portrayed.

When it comes to music, we're pretty much on the same page. Although he's more G-Funk guy and I lean toward P-Funk, we're always mining YouTube for gems out there. He also taps his Pops [Michael Ho] for tracks; Michael is always in the mix, or maybe stealing one of Uncle Derek's legendary playlists.

Who first inspired you as a filmmaker?

Not really one person, but the CKY movies. I guarantee all those guys – Bam, Brandon DiCo, Natureboy, Raab himself, Ryan Dunn – all of them were behind the camera at some point. Watching the CKY movies was all the inspiration I needed to grab a camera and start filming. We'd be sitting in my friend Alex's Jeep Waggoner in the back of a Publix parking lot, waiting hours for some unsuspecting passerby to have a go at a $1 bill we left on the ground. Buuuut surprise, it's got shit on it. And now he's putting it in his pocket! The whole point was to cause havoc, capture it all on camera, get back to the house and play it for all the boys to lose their shit over. It was great times being a kid and doing those boardwalk tricks.

Did you have an A-ha moment when you decided you wanted to do this as a career?

The A-ha moment came when I ran out of money. We had been filming for a year trying to convince …Lost to support the filming, if they could. Then I got a check in the mail a day after my account hit $0.

What would your dream edit consist of?

Great people, a scenic zone, ridiculous waves. Our Burger Goes To Bali segment from the Burgs in Paradise series was pretty much the one so far. You knew how special it was when it was happening. We were surrounded by pure characters. Burger's on the grill with Tom Curren on guitar. Now Curren is banging an aluminum serving tray over his head. Wardo is in the back with his chick bartending. Then you have Pete Matthews from ..Lost Indo, aka "The White Monkey," and Mawar regulating the scene. The waves were firing. Wardo and Burgs scored Budi's left and Ward was doing laps claiming the longest drainers of his life. That was pretty close to the dream edit. The series ended up winning the SURDER Poll Web Series in 2016, so I guess people were feeling what we were doing. It’s still all about family and friends. Nothing in the world is better than traveling with these father-son combos. Sitting on a boat for 30 seconds with any of 'em and you'll be rolling on the ground laughing.

Any movies in the works that we can look forward to?

We'll be filming Mase's segments for the new SNAPT 3 movie Logan Dulien is putting together. It's starring Asher Pacey, Bruce Irons, Bobby Martinez and plenty more. It's going to be nuts. Then we've got something in the works that Pete Matthews is planning out for us down in Indo. Mostly a boat-action type trip, I think. He's found a few new spots and he's stoked to show us. Think "… Lost at Sea," but the next chapter. Maybe Bruce, Burgs, Mase, Pops, and Wardo on a boat? Sounds intense [Laughs].

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