In The Hot Seat: Parker Coffin

A few words with Parker during a break from the 'QS

Parker Coffin is one of America's most talented young surfers. Which makes the blank real estate on the nose of his surfboard quite puzzling. A few weeks ago, Parker came out with a new edit, 20 Waves (And A Couple More), which was another reminder – not that we needed one – of just how well he surfs. When we gave Parker a call for a quick catch-up, he was packing for the Caribbean, the second leg of this year’s ‘QS, where he's hoping to get his first big result of 2017. Sponsored or not, Parker's goal of joining Conner on Tour to become the first brotherly duo on the ‘CT since the Hobgoods remains totally unchanged.

Parker, how are ya?

I'm really good. I'm home right now, I enjoyed a nice three-week break after the first two ‘QS events in Oz — so I've just been training, doing a little bit of surfing, and some partying with my friends [Laughs].

You just came out with an edit, 20 Waves (And A Couple More). Were you stoked on how it was received?

Yeah, I was. It was a cool edit. But as far as my expectation for myself, It didn't feel like anything super crazy. It was just stuff that I had sitting around from Hawaii, and a few clips that Volcom never used from Indo, but I didn't have a super-psycho nuts clip in there, which I was a little bummed about. But it wasn't meant to be a big production by any means. It was just an opportunity to put something out and get some footage out that hadn't been seen. But now I'm filming for something that I'm a little more excited about.

What's your next trip?

I'm headed to the Caribbean for two events, in Martinique and Barbados, which is gonna be insane. Mentally, I'm in a lot different place now than I was at the end of last year. I went to Oz and did shitty, but I'm not gonna let that carry over. I've got some sick surfboards, I'm traveling with my friends, and I'm trying to enjoy the process a lot more. My brother has helped me with that since last year. He's made me realize when you're so hungry for results, it kinda overpowers the whole process, so I'm trying to approach this year a little bit differently. I still really wanna get on that Tour, though.

I'm sure watching Conner at Snapper and West Oz compounds that.

Oh, for sure. But through him, I've also seen that once you get on Tour, it's not all fun and games, either. All of a sudden you're trying so hard just to requalify, then you’re trying to make the top 10, the top 5…you're always chasing something. He's done a super good job managing it all and it's been getting me really fired up. To see someone you've surfed with pretty much every day of your life go that far, and then have success at that level, is something I'm definitely using as motivation.

There hasn't been a brother duo on Tour since the Hobgoods. I know Josh and Seth [Moniz] are trying, and you and Conner are halfway there.

I know! That would be so cool to hold that one down again. Surfing is such a rhythm thing, when you click in, good stuff starts happening, and I'm waiting for that to happen [Laughs]. Josh and Seth are trying to qualify, too, and I've been traveling with those guys quite a bit, and we've talked about it a lot. Like, fuck, can you imagine if all of us got on Tour at once, the four of us? It would be the coolest thing ever.

How do you imagine your first ‘CT heat against your brother will go? CJ and Damo were ruthless in heats.

Those guys were so ruthless! But I honestly feel like, for Conner and I, we would just be like, 'Holy shit, this is such a dream.' It would be hard for us to get super gnarly. Obviously we would both want to win, but that first man-on-man heat is one I think we'll both thoroughly enjoy. Like: We fucking did it! This is the moment we've been waiting for. I almost think I'd rate having a heat against my brother on Tour higher than winning an event. Especially in pumping waves, like at J-Bay or Cloudbreak.

Does not having a main sponsor at the moment change anything about the way you approach this year?

Not necessarily, as far as scheduling and planning. I'm still lucky to have a lot of other really good sponsors. As far as support and all that goes, it doesn't feel much different, honestly, aside from missing a paycheck. If anything, it was a kick in the ass to get me super fired up. I'm actually more psyched now. At the Volcom contest at Pipe this year, I wanted to get a crazy wave and just…show them [Laughs]. I don't know, I've been using it as a motivating factor rather than a downer.

Any timeline when you might release your next video project?

Not really. I'm going with Josh and Seth to Portugal from the Caribbean to film for a couple weeks as a group. I just want to get some really good waves around the ‘QS schedule, and try to tie some freesurf and video stuff in to be as productive as possible around events, since the contest schedule is pretty full-on. But hopefully we can put something out in the next few months. And then, at the end of this year, hopefully we'll be having a totally different conversation [Laughs].