In Transit

Dion Agius breaks down his travel essentials

Now boarding, Dion Agius. Photo: Burkard

When you're packing for a surf trip, you usually only have one thing in mind: waves. You spend so many hours toiling over swell charts, deciding if your trip calls for a 5'10'' squash or a 6'6'' pin, that it's easy to forget the minutia. But between airports, plane rides, and flat spells, you're going to need more than just a surfboard to maintain your sanity. Dion Agius has spent countless hours in transit, and he's got packing his carry-on down to a science. These are his travel essentials. To see some of Dion’s photography from his recent trip to Panama with Warren Smith, check out our December issue, on newsstands now.

1. iPod
Perfect for bringing some music and escaping into your head for a while. I've been listening to lot of mellow stuff lately, like Still Corners, I Break Horses, Tamaryn, and Destroyer. But it all depends on what kind of mood I'm in.

2. Headphones
It helps to find some with quality sound, not only enjoy the music, but to drown out all of that unwanted noise of the world. There is a Swedish brand called Urban Ears that make pretty amazing sounding headphones with a very clean, minimalistic design. I love all things Scandinavian.

3. Glasses
These are crucial to save my poor little eyes and stop the pterygiums from expanding.

Two lovely ladies wearing their new Epokhes, a sunglass company started by Dion and friends.

4. Note Pad and Pen
These help record all the things that my brain can't retain. I always just jot down what I have to do, because I have so much bullshit constantly swirling around in my brain. There are a lot of things that I want to do, and it's too easy to forget.

5. Argus Point and Shoot
I like using this camera for black and white photos. It's an amazingly sturdy little camera with a terrible, old, dirty lens. But I really like that look for black and white photography. For some reason the dirty stuff that comes out of it doesn't translate as well in color.

6. Canon Ae-1
This is the camera I like to use for clean color photos. It's cheap, very travel-friendly, and a great camera. When paired with the right lens you can get some good stuff. It's only about $150 for the body, so it's perfect to have on the road because it's not the end of the world if you lose it or drop it.

Dion, on the prowl with his Canon Ae-1. Photo: Burkard

7. Film
I like Ektar 100 for color, and Tri-X 400 for black and white. Ektar is very clean and has a little bit of warmth. Tri-X is a great black and white film because I really like the contrast it has.

8. Laptop
For reading emails and forgetting to respond. Sometimes I'll edit photos for Proxy Noise on the go or edit some footage. And, of course, to listen to music and surf the Internet.

Dion Agius, doin' work in Panama. Photo: Burkard

9. Passport Wallet
It's good to keep your health insurance, a copy of your passport, and some extra cash just in one of these just in case. Thankfully, I haven't lost this stuff and gotten stuck anywhere yet.

10. Reading Material
This really helps to pass the time of layovers and boring evenings. The last book I read was Hell’s Angels by Hunter S. Thompson, and I enjoyed that quite a bit. But on the road I end up reading a lot of magazines. I have two favorite magazines, S Magazine and The Journal, and I try to have them with me or find them wherever I am.

The good doctor Hunter S. Thompson, and the jacket for his 1966 nonfiction novel Hell's Angels.