Two Industry Press Releases

Mick Fanning, one of the world’s top pro surfers has formed a working partnership with Speeedfins, the new Australian surf company that designs and manufactures the revolutionary range of free moving ‘active’ surfboard fins. After surfing on the Speeedfins range recently, Fanning’s response was definitive: “Speeedfins are the best removable fin system I’ve ever used”.

He was so impressed with the removable fin system he hooked up with the team from Speeedfins and agreed upon a partnership with them.

Speeedfins designer Graeme Davey said “Speeedfins are the fastest fins available and Mick is known to most as the fastest surfer in the world, so working together makes a lot of sense.”

Always looking for greater speed, Fanning will work closely with the Speeedfins R & D team to further develop their fin range and produce his own signature series.

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Geoff Cropley at or go to

db surf inc. is proud to announce its dingleberries Surfboard Repair is now available world wide. “It is amazing to us how well we have been received by the marketplace…” says co-owner Brian Cox, “…the people were craving a new product like this more than even we anticipated.” Since its introduction to the market in November 2002 dingleberries Surfboard Repair has gone from being placed in local surf shops by its principals to being placed in shops all over the world by a network of enthusiastic distributors. “We started with PIAA in Japan, then it just snowballed throughout the winter until we had Shorethings in New Zealand, Gerry Lopez Int. Australia, Gerry Lopez Int. Europe, Canz in Canada, and now we just signed a deal with Billygoat Distribution to handle our U.S. and Hawaii sales.”

“Almost all of our distributors contacted us and showed interest after visiting our website, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the team that’s been assembled”, boasts Cox, “Now we (db surf inc.) can focus more on marketing and promotion, as well as our development of new products.”

The newest of which is a liquid crystal thermometer that is developed for use in salt water. It attaches to anywhere on your board, just like a sticker, and it will give you the exact water temperature to within a degree.

According to Cox, “This evolved from the ongoing, daily, friendly arguments over, how cold, or how warm the water is. Our dingleberries thermometer sticker ends all the guessing. Now you will know if you are being a sissy or if the wind last night made the water drop 5 degrees. We have several other products in development currently, some are new and innovative like the thermometer and the ding repair and some are improvements on existing old favorites. So keep your eyes peeled for dingleberries products in your local shop.”

db surf inc. is a California corporation. Our mission is to provide the surfing public with high quality, unique products at a reasonable price. All dingleberries products are intended to positively enhance your surfing experience and our company philosophy is to help extend aloha and stoke to all who surf. db surf inc. can be contacted at 34145 PCH #335 Dana Point, CA 92629, or 949-492-1507 phone 949-218-5344 fax, or .