Five things you didn't know about Carissa Moore and Coco Ho

Fellow Hawaiians and travel partners, Coco and Carissa know eachother all too well. Photo: Kueny

Coco according to Carissa:

1. Coco travels with her stuffed bear, Lenny. One time she misplaced it on a trip and she refused to surf until she found it. I hid it, by the way. At least it got her out of the lineup for two days.

2. Coco has a nail polish fetish. She will never admit this but more than a few occasions I have caught her sniffing the bottle.

3. Coco loves to make music videos. The problem is she thinks she’s the best dancer of the group but she’s the one always out of step. If you don’t believe me just YouTube it.

4. Have you heard the “Coco Ho Lovesong” that is all over the internet from a couple years back? Yeah… she encouraged him to sing it and then she posted it herself on YouTube.

5. When I was thirteen, Coco and I traveled to the US Open together. We played Gin Rummy and she kept beating me and whenever she won she’d flick cards at my face. She made me cry so I made her coach, Dave Riddle, come and pick her up and I didn’t talk to her for the rest of the trip.

Coco Ho blasts a frontside air on her and Carissa's home turf of Hawaii. Photo: Maassen

Carissa according to Coco:

1. Carissa lives in a fairy tale world when it comes to her love life. Now she is single and ready to mingle! (Sorry Uncle Chris!). She plays the field with her boys…. 5 at a time on Facebook chats!

2. She can dance just as good as she can sing. She kinda reminds me of Rebecca Black and William Hung combined.

3. She knows how to pillow fight. She almost gave me a black eye in Brazil from it. Maybe if she learned more pillow talk she’d get more boys.

4. Good thing she grew up in Hawaii and around the water because she sucks at snowboarding. She didn't let go of the instructor down the bunny hill in Aspen!

5. She’s loves stretching the truth. Don’t let that cute smile fool you, she’s not as innocent as you think!

What she lacks on Aspen bunny slopes, Carissa more than makes up for in punchy righthand waves. Photo: Kenworthy