Five things you didn't know about Rosy Hodge and Monyca Byrne-Wickey

Rosy Hodge, hardly shoulder hopping. Photo: Russi

Rosy Hodge according to Monyca Byrne-Wickey

1. Rosy blames her shoulder-hopping on her bad vision, but she's really just scared.

2. She thinks she's African, but she's really just a haole.

3. Rosy gets drunk off two Bintangs.

4. Rosy is scared of the dark. When she gets scared, she sleeps on the floor next to her dad in her parents' room. She calls her dad is a "killing machine," because he is a brown belt (with a red stripe) in karate.

5. Rosy is one of the sweetest, most humble people I have ever met, and when we were in New York she kept being mistaken for a model.

Monyca takes a break from shell-hunting to lay down some carves. Photo: Russi

Monyca Byrne-Wickey according to Rosy Hodge

1. When we're in Indo Monyca goes shell-hunting to avoid surfing HT's.

2. At her home in Hana, Monyca has six donkeys, but she can only remember four of their names: Dolly, Primavera, Kimu, and Suzette. And she laughs like a donkey too.

3. Monyca eats like a guy--she eats a lot of food, and she eats really savage with her feet up, like the food is going to run away.

4. Monyca is obsessed with talking to her boyfriend on her cell phone. She even tried to convince the captain of our boat in the Mentawais to take her in the dinghy to go find cell service.

5. Monyca makes the most awesome bathing suits and jewelry.