Five things you didn't know about Alex and Koa Smith

Koa Smith, stepping up his game at Pipeline. Photo: Heff

Koa according to Alex:

He bit our middle brother Travis' nipple off when he was 6. Remember those buckteeth? Ouch.

He has some serious stalker fans. These crazy 13-year-old girls from England write me on Facebook and will say, "You're f–king fit, but not as beautiful as Koa." I'm like, "okay…"

When I travel with him he sleeps the entire time. He could sleep for a full 18-hour flight. I end up talking to myself and eventually draw on his face.

He's a hard-charger when it’s big. I get scared for him.

He goes through some serious phases: diving, shell hunting, raising chickens, skateboarding, hunting. The best was his pony phase. He was obsessed with this pony when he saw on the side of the road, he ended up buying it and taking pony-riding lessons.

Alex Smith, as talented above the lip as he is in the kitchen. Photo: Rock

Alex according to Koa:

A lot of people don't know this, but Alex was actually born in Michigan.

Alex is really good at cooking, but I don't think he's ever cooked me a thing.

In kindergarten he took a girl behind a tree and told her he would find her a bug if she took off her pants.

His first word was "airplane."

When he talks to his girlfriend, it's always in a baby voice.