Five things you never knew about the Hobgood brothers

As monozygotic twins, the brothers Hobgood truly know each other like the back of their hands. Photo: Joli

Damien According to CJ:

1. He's left-handed, which makes him stronger with his left hand a better backside barrel rider as goofies control their rail with their left hand.

2. He's extremely patient, and it's hard to really piss him off.

3. He's always scratching and/or playing with his balls. Most of the time he doesn't know he's doing it until you point it out.

4. He has absolutely no style and wouldn't even know if something looked good.

5. He can kick my butt and he always was the stronger one. When he does get mad, which isn't often, I just run--I'm faster because he's fatter.

Although Damien apparently has no style, he certainly carries himself with distinction in the tube at Off the Wall. Photo: Noyle

CJ According to Damien:

1. He smells everything. He's always smelling his hands.

2. He has a few nicknames: Snapper Head, when he would get all mad at me, and Springo because he fell through the springs of a trampoline at a party once and his legs were dangling while stuck in the springs. Everyone at party saw and was laughing.

3. He zones out. Sometimes I think he is on another planet. I will call his name and he wont answer--just zoned out.

4. He's smart. I think that is where his smarts come from--because he's always zoning out, thinking.

5. I would say he is a more talented surfer than me, but I'm a harder worker so it evens out.

Springo sets up for a monstrous tube in Tahiti. Photo: Joli