Innersection Returns With a Vengeance

The biggest video sensation to hit the Internet since YouTube is back. Taylor Steele's newest project, Innersection TV, began its summer quarter (third of four) last Thursday, with submissions from the likes of Josh Kerr, John John Florence, Pat Guadaskas, Dane Zaun, Ian Walsh, Granger Larson, Ry Craike, and Clay Marzo.

The summer quarter is a mixture of current and former World Tour surfers, surfing's next prodigies, and global superstars. But judging from the first few days of competition, it's the prodigies who are showing the veterans their time may be running out—and fast. Three out of the top five videos are surfers who are under the age of 21.

With the highest rated video so far, Clay Marzo is holding down the number one spot, with fellow Hawaiian John John Florence right behind him. John John's section is pretty insane­—combining good music, solid waves, and creativity to make it one of the more premier sections. And Josh Kerr gives us a little prelude to his upcoming signature release, The Kerrazy Chronicles, with what could be one of the most innovative airs I have ever seen at the end of his section.

Week Two is nearly in the books and soon the Top 10 will be announced. Voters will then return to weigh on which are worthy of being in the Top 5. Then finally, in Week Four, the winners will be announced and the surfers will go back to work to make their best section possible for the final Innersection DVD.

The final DVD will include the five winners from each quarter—making for 20 sections from the best surfers seen on Innersection TV. From the 20 featured sections, voters will than decide on which one they feel is deserving of the $100K grand prize.

If you haven't voted yet, make sure to go to Innersection TV and put in your two cents before it's too late. Stay tuned in the coming weeks, as we have some of the top Innersection candidates from this quarter and previous quarters weighing in on their favorite videos in the competition.