Innersection Top 6 Picks


Conner Coffin Weighs in on The Summer Round

With Innersection TV's Summer Round nearly in the books, we reached out to a select few to have them voice their opinions on which ones should move on, and which ones should go home. In the next week we you will hear from top surfers, as they critique their counterparts in more ways than one.

SURFER Magazine caught up with Santa Barbara's Conner Coffin, a participant of the Spring Round of Innersection, to get his thoughts on the Summer Round.

Conner's Summer Round Top 6 Picks

John John Florence:

"First of all, John picked a killer song. Finally, someone switched it up with something besides that techno-electro weirdo stuff. That made his part stand out instantly. I've been blown away by his surfing lately. This part reminded me of a Bruce Irons part: big barrels and sick airs. The only thing I wanted to see was a few more Pipe waves, but that one Second Reef bomb sufficed.

Pat Guadaskas:

Pat was surfing really well in his part! It's weird--when people do the Tour and all of the 'QS events, it seems that you don’t see much of them for a while. I kind of felt that way about Pat, so I was really stoked to see what he came up with. He definitely didn't let me down. He had some huge airs. Plus, Pat is one of the nicest guys ever--same goes for Tanman and Dane. I couldn't say a bad thing about any of those brothers.

Josh Kerr:

Whoa. This part was kind of mind boggling. He did some airs that I can't even begin to comprehend. I’m always one for carves, but Kerrzy’s airs were nuts! I also liked the editing and all that.

Torrey Meister:

Before I watched Torrey's part, he told me that he and Victor (Pakpour) threw it together really quickly, without having much time to work together. After watching it, I got that sense, but Torrey also had some crazy surfing in it. I really liked the fact that he had combos in his part: a couple of waves with big turns, straight into huge airs.

Dean Morrison:

The one barrel Dean has at Backdoor is BULLSH*T. So sick! That one clip stood out more than any--in all of the sections I watched. He also had some big airs, and just all in all it was a well-rounded part.

Clay Marzo:

Clay pulls stuff that just shouldn't be pulled. I don't understand. He will be completely off of his board and then magically stand up on the thing. I feel like I have seen some of his footage before, but it was a good part. I really like that he made an effort to put some backside surfing in there. Nice to mix it up.

*Check back tomorrow when fellow Young Wise Tail author Parker Coffin tells us who he thinks had the best sections of the Summer Round.