INSIDE BALIWOOD, PT. 6: Steph Gilmore, Alana Blanchard & Crew Escape To Bali

ASP World Champion Stephanie Gilmore led the Rip Curl Girls Surf team on a voyage to Bali this year, freesurfing and searching their way around the paradise island. Gilmore, Bethany Hamilton, Jessi Miley-Dyer and Alana Blanchard all scored plenty of sun, fun and world class surf.

Check out photos from the Rip Curl Girls trip to Bali here.

"The girls stepping up right now really have good flow, style and speed," said Gilmore. "And they can be aggressive but still keep that femininity. You go out in the water these days and it's common to see girls ripping in bikinis. I mean look at Alana—she'll pull off the biggest carve you've ever seen in her bikini."

Bethany Hamilton was blowing minds in Bali as well. “Bethany is definitely is one of the most stoked surfers I've ever meet," said Bali-based SURFER magazine staff photographer Jason Childs. "She is always keen for a surf and is a great ambassador for our sport."

Hamilton's attitude and tenacity are truly motivating. "I know I can inspire people who don't have hope in life and they can see what I'm doing and then maybe they'll go out and do what they'll aspire to do," she said. "It's really cool because even if I don't do good in the contest, maybe I'm helping someone by just paddling out there."