Introducing the Web Clip of the Year Award

Acknowledging A New Platform For The Craft Of Surf Cinema

With the glut of jaw-dropping surf footage circulating the Internet these days, the time has come for SURFER Poll to join forces with the digital age. As such, SURFER is proud to present the inaugural Web Clip of the Year Award.

What is it?

The Web Clip of the Year Award acknowledges a new platform for the craft of surf cinema. No longer are surf films restricted to television sets, movie theaters, and DVDs; in fact, we'd bet the majority of surf footage gets watched in the same place you do your work, write your papers, and update your MySpace: on your computer. Consequently, some fine work has been produced for this digital platform, and it's high-time for a pat on the back.

How to submit your clip and rules for submission:

If you have a web clip that you'd like nominated email us at (Title: Web Clip of the Year). Inside the email include a hyperlink to the clip and any relevant information about it (ie location, surfers on camera, date, as well as music and film credits).

If the clip has yet to be published online, please let us know and we will provide you with FTP information to upload the file (in .mov format) for consideration on

All nominees must be submitted by August 5, 2009.

What we're looking for:

Anything amazing that is surf-related. We want to see insane barrel rides, horrific wipeouts, new-age aerials, amazingly well-produced content, videos filmed on a budget amid hurricane-force winds, even funny stuff like Jordy Smith dancing around like an idiot on FaceBook. Just keep it surf-related.

What we don't want to see:

Do not send us video clips with uncleared music, nudity, pornography, violence, or anything otherwise inappropriate for Surfer Poll and Video Awards Presented by Suzuki and Ultimate Wave Tahiti. Just as the video awards offer prestige to the surf filmmaking industry, so too does the Web Clip of the Year awards for emerging media.

Who's eligible:

Anyone and everyone. From the corporations with the deepest pockets to the DIY's with a handheld, the Internet levels the playing ground, and so does this award.