If you're even a casual peruser of surf media, you've undoubtedly lent your ear to Vaughan Blakey and Jed Smith's podcast, “Ain't That Swell”, as it's undoubtedly the best—at least the most entertaining—of a handful of surf-centric pods. Smith and Blakey play it fast and loose, often sending up (or taking the piss out of) our hallowed pastime. Irreverence notwithstanding, the duo have a knack for mining gold from their guests by blending that loose style with deep knowledge and astute questioning that reveals their genuine reverence for the surfing.

Case in point: on the most recent episode, in front of a live, raucous audience of fans of the podcast (AKA Swellians) at the Coolangatta Hotel, Blakey and Smith got 2012 World Champ and hometown hero Joel Parkinson to wax on learning to ride a push bike and falling in love with surfing in the same day, familial surf inspirations like an avuncular tube hound nicknamed "uncle deep," getting high before surfing J-Bay for the first time, stroking his own ego to win a world title, blocking Kelly Slater in the 2003 Pipe Masters, and more.

Particularly shiny nuggets include Parko on sporting a pair of Oakley surf sunglasses ("I got paid a shit ton to do it") and a particularly blunt exchange with Slater in 2012 ("F–k you, c–t.") 

Click play below to hear one of the smoothest surfers of all time in top form.