ISA Quiksilver World Juniors Championships


Individual Golds Go to Stephanie Gilmore of Australia, Tonino Benson of
Hawaii and Jferson Silva of Brazil

Huntington Beach, Calif., October 16, 2005 – The Quiksilver ISA World Junior
Surfing Championships concluded today awarding Hawaii the 2005 World Junior
Surfing Champions with 5,904 total points. Brazil earned silver with 5,321
points, USA bronze with 5,173 points and Australia copper with 4,966 points.
Individual gold medals and world titles went to Jferson Silva of Brazil in
Boys Under 18, the defending junior world title holder Stephanie Gilmore of
Australia in Girls Under 18 and Tonino Benson of Hawaii in Boys Under 16.

The nine day event began last Saturday, October 8, gathering 28 teams from
around the world representing the global surfing community and marking the
largest junior event to date. Some teams arrived with full squads of 12
surfers plus coaches, managers, translators and alternates, while others
like the Dominican Republic, Germany, Guatemala and Ireland came with only
one or two surfers to represent their country. The International Surfing
Association (ISA), the world governing authority for wave-riding as
recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), organized the
annual event.

"The 2005 Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championships has been a
triumph of love for surfing," said ISA President Fernando Aguerre. "We’ve
just seen nearly 300 junior surfers from 28 countries surf almost 5,000
waves in 270 heats over eight days with the conditions in Huntington
remaining good throughout. Some athletes came from nations where the cost
of a plane ticket is one year’s salary and they’ve gone home knowing they’ve
represented their countries well, worn their colors, waved their flags and
done it all while doing what they love most, surfing. We’ve shown the world
what the ISA and our surfing tribe know: There is more that unites us as
surfers and human beings than separates us. With this amazing network of
family, friends and supporters from around the globe this has been possible.
Muchas gracias to Quiksilver and to all the teams."

Today saw some of the best surfing action in the world as the last six
remaining countries, Australia, Brazil, Hawaii, New Zealand, South Africa
and the USA competed in nine heats of semi-finals, finals and grand finals.
Wrapping up the week-long contest and with the competition very close, the
inconsistent and windy conditions added to the challenge for the surfers in
the water. Yet the talent of the surfers prevailed.

It was a case of dj vu in the Girls Under 18 final where Stephanie Gilmore
of Australia secured her second consecutive World Title and the gold medal
with a solid two-wave combined score of 17.70 followed by USA's Karina
Petroni earning silver for the second year in a row with a 12.20. "There
has been a lot of learning," said Stephanie Gilmore. "I am preparing for
the 'CT, and am feeling more confident for the 'QS. I have had a little bit
more experience than the other girls, but I still see myself on the same
level as them. I can't get too cocky because you never know what's around
the corner."

Hawaii's Carissa Moore and Lani Hunter secured the bronze and copper medals
respectively. Petroni and Moore, examples of how surfers can lose in a
qualifier and work back up into the finals through the repercharge rounds,
both had lost heats earlier in the contest.

The climactic Boys Under 16 division ended with Tonino Benson taking the
win, title and medal. Taking some big risks paid off for the Hawaiian team
with both Benson and teammate/Quiksilver team rider Clay Marzo successfully
landing some huge maneuvers and taking the gold and silver respectively. "I
am stoked I got the win," said 15-year-old Tonino Benson from Kona, Hawaii.
"It's the biggest win of my career. Hawaii has very different waves from
here. It's pretty challenging, but I just got off the East Coast and that
helped me prepare for the waves here. Finally all my work is paying off."

Australian David Delroy-Carr came in third for the bronze and Brazilian
Wiggolly Dantas took copper, dropping from first to fourth in the last few
minutes of the heat for an interference call against him.

Boys Under 18, the only final not to have a Hawaiian representative, was a
showdown between two of Brazil's best Jferson Silva and Thomas Hermes, USA
Surf Team member Tanner Gudauskas and South Africa's Jordy Smith. The
heated contest was anyone's game all the way until the closing minutes.
Brazil was in the lead with Hermes in first and Silva in second, Gudauskas
made a breakaway for the gold on a wave that opened up out the back.
Waiting for the scores to still come in, Silva returned the move with a left
towards the pier connecting all the way to the sand with powerful smooth
turns. The scores dropped, Gudauskas, a 7.37 and then Silva, an 8.37.
Knowing he could do no more before the heat ended, Silva exited the water
while the time counted down. The Brazilian team charged the sand, lifting
Silva to their shoulders and adorning him in the green and yellow Brazilian
flag. "He is 18 now so this was his last chance to ride for Brazil," said
Brazilian Coach Marcos Conde, speaking on behalf of Silva who doesn't speak
English. "He is very happy for his win and for his country."



The day also included the final for the ISA Cup, a tag team event and unique
ISA tradition. Australia, France, South Africa and the USA competed with
France taking gold, South Africa silver, USA bronze and Australia copper.
Although the tag team has no bearing on the championship results, it's a fun
aside to the contest that shows a different surfing format and gives teams
another chance for medals.

In the awards ceremony, special medals were given to the head judges, Glen
Elliot and Midget Smith and the entire judging staff who assisted for the
eight days of the contest. The panel of judges was made up of 16 countries
with each of the major surfing countries represented. "I'd like to
congratulate all the teams that are here," said Elliot. "With the standard
of surfing demonstrated here, we don't have to worry about the future of our
sport. I'd like to thank my panel of judges. All of you have done a
fantastic job."

Medals were also presented to the first through fourth place finishes for
the tag team ISA Cup event, followed by the crowning of the champions in
each division and singing the national anthem for each country who won gold

After the individual medals were given out, the team medals were awarded
beginning with fourth place. For the first time in ISA history, Hawaii was
crowned the World Champion. In addition to gold medals the team was awarded
the International Olympic Committee President's Trophy. "There was a lot of
hard work and last minute scrambling, but the help, funding and support of
all the parents coming together got us here," said Rainos Hayes, Hawaii's
coach. "The event is incredible in itself because it's the closest thing
surfing has to the Olympics. Surfing is such an international sport these
days; you can't deny that with the turnout here. There is so much
camaraderie and bringing together the spirit of the whole thing. It really
helps for the recognition of the sport as a sport and not just a past time."

This year's contest was hosted by Surfing America, the national governing
body (NGB) for the sport of surfing in the United States and a member of the
ISA. In addition to hosting the event, Surfing America, which is based in
Surf City USA™ Huntington Beach, California, also selects the USA Surf Team
and organizes competitions within the United States. Surfing America and
the city of Huntington Beach will also host the 2006 World Surfing Games
next October. (Note: Hawaii and the USA are recognized as separate members
of the ISA, in part to honor the historical contribution Hawaii has made to
the sport of surfing.)

"Surfing America and the USA Surf Team is proud and honored to have shared
our hometown, Surf City USA™, Huntington Beach, California with the world,"
said Surfing America Executive Director Mike Gerard. "What a tremendous
event to take place on U.S. shores, where we’ve seen the whole future of
surfing converge. Surfing America strives to provide a venue to grow and
foster young surfing talent and we’ve certainly seen the best of the best
here this week. There’s no doubt that several of these juniors will go on to
be the leaders in professional surfing and our industry."

May 2006 will bring the Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championships to
Maresias, Brazil hosted by the Brazilian Surfing Confederation.

Quiksilver, the title sponsor for this year's contest has been involved with
junior surfing for more than 20 years. In the opening ceremonies,
Quiksilver announced they will continue their sponsorship for the Quiksilver
ISA World Junior Surfing Championships for another three years. "This event
has been a huge success and has exceeded our expectations," said Jeff Booth,
Quiksilver Brand Manager. "It has been an honor to be involved with the ISA
and this event and to see the stoke of all the countries coming to
Huntington Beach to compete."

For complete competition results and complimentary photos go to For more information on Surfing America and ISA,
visit and An international
television news feed will be available beginning Monday, October 17th and a
30-minute highlight tape will also be available. Confirmed feed times,
coordinates and details are attached.

About International Surfing Association (ISA)
The International Surfing Association (ISA) is recognized by the
International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the World Governing Authority for
Surfing, Bodyboarding and Surfriding. It was originally founded as the
International Surfing Federation in 1964 and has been running world
championships since 1964, and the Junior World Championships since 1980.

ISA membership includes the surfing National Governing Bodies (NGBs) of over
50 countries on six continents. Its headquarters are located in San Diego,
California. It is presided by Fernando Aguerre, first elected in 1994 in
Rio, and re-elected five times since. The ISA's four Vice Presidents are
from South Africa, Australia, Hawaii and the USA.

Inspired by the Olympic spirit, the Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing
Championships showcases athletes competing on behalf of their country. The
top four finalists will be awarded gold, silver, bronze and copper medals.
Like in the Olympics, cultural identity, team spirit and moments of great
personal triumph are hallmarks of the event. For more information, visit: