I think it’s safe to say that Pipeline tops the list of most dangerous tube-making machines in the world. It seems like each season, some of the planet’s most talented surfers get pummeled by the unforgiving break. Even guys like Jamie O’Brien–who has been surfing Pipe since he was basically in diapers–has had dangerous run-ins.

In the most recent episode of JOB Vlogs, O’Brien suffers a nasty wipeout at his home break. At the 2:40 mark, O’Brien paddles into a medium-sized wave, becomes unglued at one point and hits his board or the reef. He doesn’t quite remember. Continue watching to see how O’Brien very nonchalantly suffers a head injury, goes to the hospital and gets a noggin full of staples whilst being filmed. If you’re queasy in the slightest, please don’t watch the end bit.