We’ve been rubbing our hands together, waiting for the Volcom Pipe Pro to finally kick into gear and for the famed Banzai Pipeline to deliver the goods. Today we waited no more, as the final day wrapped up in hollow, fun-looking waves–even waves that produced 10-point rides.

We’ve always known it was going to happen sooner or later, but it was barrel prodigy Jack Robinson who took home the Volcom Pipe Pro win today over Reef Heazelwood, Balaram Stack, and an in-form Barron Mamiya. The honor of winning any event at Pipeline is worthy of a huge celebration, but 3,000 QS points and some K’s in his bank account doesn’t hurt either.

This event marked 10 years of the Volcom Pipe Pro–a full decade filled with historical performances (remember the epic final back in 2012?), and Jack Robbo’s performance was surely one for the books.

Press play on the highlight reel above for a recap of the final day of competition.