“We are all systems go for the Jaws Challenge at Pe’ahi to run on Monday, November 26,” Big Wave Tour commissioner Mike Parsons announced on the WSL’s website. The WSL has said that the Northwest swell is expected to provide 35-45 foot faces for the event. Surfline has forecasted the same swell will be a bit larger than the WSL’s announcement with 55’+ sets during its peak. The swell’s direction is prime for Pe’ahi’s West Bowl, which means some really big barrels could possibly be in the cards. The only caveat in the forecast is the wind, Surfline’s current models are predicting 10-12 knot trades in the morning rising to 15-18 knots in the afternoon.

The Jaws Challenge will be the second of the three stops on the 2018/19 Big Wave Tour. The event is running right on the heels of the Big Wave Tour’s first stop at Nazaré, Portugal. Where Grant “Twiggy” Baker took the win at last week. The third stop will be at Mavericks if a swell looking promising enough to run the event appears on the charts.

Will Ian Walsh top his perfect scoring, absolutely bonkers, barrel last year? Based on the data so far, it looks like he might have a chance too. Some of the invitees include Pe’ahi vet Shane Dorian and dedicated West Bowl tube hunter Albee Layer.

Paige Alms, who had an incredible performance last year, will have a chance to win her third consecutive Jaws Challenge at the event.

The WSL’s webcast of the event will kick off Monday morning at 7:30 am, Hawaii time.

Check out the full list of invitees below.

2018/19 Jaws Challenge Competitors:


Paige Alms
Keala Kennelly
Justine Dupont
Bianca Valenti
Maya Gabeira
Andrea Moller
Felicity Palmateer
Emily Erickson
Jamilah Star
WSL Commissioner’s Selection TBD


Nicole Pacelli
Isabelle Leonhardt
Raquel Heckert


Billy Kemper
Kai Lenny
Ian Walsh
Makuakai Rothman
Lucas Chianca
Jamie Mitchell
Tom Lowe
Alex Botelho
Greg Long
Natxo Gonzalez
Will Skudin
Grant Baker
Nathan Florence
Jojo Roper
Russell Bierke
Shane Dorian
Albee Layer
Mark Healey
Aaron Gold
Francisco Porcella
Tyler Larronde
WSL Big Wave Tour Invitees: Three to be selected on Green Light


Ryan Hipwood
Danilo Couto
Yuri Soledade
DK Walsh