Jessi Miley-Dyer Claims Wildcard Slot

ASP Women’s World Tour Wildcard Announced

With hopes of remaining injury-free, goofyfooter Jessi Miley-Dyer will join the rest of the 2011 Womens' World Tour surfers at Snapper in February. Photo: Joli

After missing multiple events last season, it looked as though Sydney's Jessi Miley-Dyer would be relegated to the Star series after five years on the World Tour. But just this week the ASP awarded Jessi the sought-after wildcard slot on the 2011 Women's World Tour. We caught up with the 24-year-old to talk about her career-threatening injuries, going to law school, and treating her self-diagnosed “ADD problems.”

How did the ASP decide who would get the wildcard?

I got the wildcard because of my knee injury that I had in May of 2010. I tore my ACL and did the bone damage that is typical of a ligament rupture. I then had post-impact Hoffas Syndrome where my Hoffa pad (the shock absorber in your knee) was hanging out of my joint. It's not called the injury wildcard anymore, so that you can apply after pregnancy and other such things. To get it I had to submit all my medical records to the ASP Medical Committee and they reviewed my injury. I think there were a few other girls who went for it, so I guess that they deemed my injury to be the most serious.

How do you think the 2011 rookies—Laura Enever, Pauline Ado, Courtney Conlogue, Tyler Wright—will fare?

I think the rookies will go well, but like all rookies, they quickly figure out that this is not the Star series anymore. The two are very different—the judging is different, the vibe is different. But I'm sure that they will love it. I kind of feel a bit like a rookie myself…I'm so excited to be on for 2011!

Aside from competition, what else do you have planned this year?

For 2011, I'm going to try a fair bit of yoga …anyone that knows me would be crying with laughter at that. I've also spoken to a few people about doing some charity work, through organizations such as the WWO (World Wide Orphan Foundation), and I'm involved with Bondi SLSC [Surf Life Saving Club] here in Sydney. I'm also going to be continuing my law degree at one of the most prestigious Universities in Australia, as part of the University of New South Wales' Elite Athlete program so that should be a good challenge for my brain! I also want to do a few ocean swims and am pretty keen to tackle the Molokai crossing. I've got massive ADD problems, lucky, because I want to do too many things!