In the clip above, the reigning world champion John John Florence looks the most engaged in a “heat” that we’ve seen so far this year–and zero points were at stake. But that’s besides the point. While running some mock heats (with commentary rivaling the WSL's pros) for fun at a West Oz wedge, John John, his brother Nathan and friends saw a splash out the back. With the aid of a drone–and possibly a Crocodile Dundee-style hat that appears on John John’s head–it becomes known they were surfing in the presence of two large great white sharks. The ever stoic champion flatly states the situation before someone comments that it was cool to see the sharks.

Did you know John John, 2x world champion, can wield a boomerang?  He throws one and then catches it in the above Instagram post too… he then claims the boomerang catch harder than any barrel he’s ever been spat out of.