STOKED AT THE AIRPORT: Surfing Heritage Foundation Launches Surf Exhibit In John Wayne

While surfers have recently directed a lot of negative attention towards airports and airlines as a result of increased baggage fees, The Surfing Heritage Foundation’s latest project promises to pump stoke back into the terminals of at least one airport: Orange County’s John Wayne.

Click here to check out images from the exhibit.

Just last week, The Surfing Heritage Foundation with the help of Rainbow Sandals launched a “wings-wide” exhibit in Santa Ana Airport to showcase the rich cultural history of surfing in Southern California. If you intend to fly out of John Wayne sometime between now and November, you should plan on arriving at least three hours early, so you can soak in the display. It is estimated that over four million travelers will be exposed to the exhibit.

Says, Barry Haun, Curator and Creative Director of the Surfing Heritage Foundation:

“Approximately a year and a half in the planning and execution, the exhibit came about through our Executive Director, Tom Pezman, returning from a trip and thinking, 'this could be a perfect venue for a surfing exhibit.' [We] followed up on that up by contacting John Wayne Airport to see how this might come about. Once that was finalized…it was decided to target the history of surfing in Orange County, which would be done geographically by beach cities and their local histories, and would focus on personalities, surf shops, contests, surf spots, and the surf industry.”

The exhibit spans an impressive twenty-eight wall cases and four floor cases-worth of material, including over two hundred fifty archived photos and a condensed history of surfing in Orange County. The only catch is, admission costs one plane ticket – so maybe it’s time for a surf trip, and Delta's probably not your best option.