Jordy Smith Unlikely To Compete At Pipeline

Jordy Smith's hopes of re-qualifying for the 2009 ASP World Tour have been dealt a severe blow by a knee injury that he sustained during the final of the O'Neill World Cup of Surfing last week. Jordy has confirmed that there is a grade 2 injury to the ACL and MCL of his left knee.

"I still want to surf the Pipeline Masters, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen," he said. Smith was speaking via Skype from the inside of a hypobaric chamber where he was undergoing treatment for the injury.

"The ASP doctors told me that I shouldn't surf Pipe," said a visibly upset Smith from behind an oxygen mask, adding: "if I injure it further I could be out the water for 6 months to a year."

The injury has come at the worst possible time for the highly touted rookie who needs a good result at Pipe if he wants to secure his position on 2009's ASP World Tour. It hasn't been the best of year's for Jordy so far, although his performance at Sunset prior to his injury was stellar, including a perfect 10 and the highest combined heat score of the event. His surfing throughout the event made him a favorite going until the final, but his first wave effectively put the

"I was bottom turning on my first wave and my foot slipped to the nose and I did the splits and I just felt my knee go. I tried to feel it out on the next wave and straight away I could tell that my knee was done."
But the realization was later compounded when Smith and fellow competitor Marcus Hickman were caught inside on a giant Sunset set.

"I was swimming in with one leg," recalls Smith, "it was brutal."

The scenario's for Jordy's re-qualification now rest on the results of the competitors who are below him on the rankings. Failing that, he still has an outside chance of receiving an injury wildcard. The mathematical scenario's for Jordy's qualification are as follows:

26th Ben Dunn – Needs 9th place or better.

27th Damien Hobgood – Needs 17th or better.

28th Roy Powers – Needs 9th to tie Jordy, but 5th or better to pass him.

29th Mick Campbell – Needs 9th or better.

30th Tiago Pires – Needs 9th or better.

31st Dean Morrison – Needs 5th or better.
Ben Bourgeois, Jay thompson – Needs 2nd or better.

34th Leo Neves – Needs 3rd or better.

35th Rodrigo Dornelles – Needs 1st.

36th Daniel Wills and Royden Bryson- Needs 1st.

38th Daniel Ross – Needs 1st.

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