Whether he's competing or performing for the camera, Josh Kerr is bound to pull something radical like this. Photo: Chachi

Whether he’s competing or freesurfing, Josh Kerr is bound to pull something radical like this. Photo: Chachi

Over the past few years, Josh Kerr has been able to strike a rare balance between competing on the World Tour and producing some of the best video sections in surf cinema. While ranking no lower than 11th on the ‘CT throughout the last few seasons, he’s released a full-length bio-flick, (Kerrzy), and put together aerial-laden segments in a handful of web clips (“Light”, “Pigeonholed”, “TUFF”, “Our Kind of Brazil”, etc). And they’ve all been fan favorites. To find out which video parts influenced him growing up, we called Kerr while he was at his home in California and asked for his top five picks.

Bruce and Andy Irons, My Way (1997)
My Way was a full-action sports movie made by Arnette. There was a really rad section of Bruce and Andy surfing the Gold Coast mainly, and talking shit on each other. I was young when it came out,and I thought it was super punky and raw. They were pulling each other's leg ropes when they surfed, but they were just ripping. It had a really good song to it, too, so that kind of makes it all happen.”

Kelly Slater, Momentum (1992)
“I would've been maybe 11 or 12 when I first saw this movie, and I thought Kelly’s section was ridiculously good. That backside air he did was so ahead of its time. That whole movie was the first of its kind, and Taylor Steele movies really went global after that. Kelly’s final section just topped it off. That was my favorite Kelly — the really raw, younger Kelly, where he was riding a 6'2" shortboard. I still like watching that section even now. The technique he had back then was just flawless.”

Ozzie Wright, Seven Days, Seven Slaves (2001)
“Everyone's section in this movie was rad, but Ozzie's especially. This came out about a year before I started doing the air shows with him. He was doing like four airs on one wave at Macaroni's, with all sorts of different grabs. Ozzie has a super raw style. He just surfs the way he surfs. He doesn't care if you like it or don't like it, and I was super into that at the time.”

Taj Burrow, Montaj (2002)
“My favorite part of this movie is the contest section at Snapper. This came out in the days before webcasts and watching the World Tour online, so it was cool to see what was going on. I mean, that whole movie was great. I must have watched that whole VCR tape so many times that the tape ended up just getting ruined. It was like the first, real bio-flick. It showed Taj living his life, just ripping and doing what he did best. Taj was one of my favorite surfers growing up. He's always influenced me.”

Andy Irons, Momentum: Under the Influence (2001)
Andy’s part is really rad section because it goes on for like six minutes. It's just him shredding all throughout Indonesia to a really good song. He's ripping in all different kind of waves –-small waves, hollow waves. I feel like this was when he was surfing really raw and powerfully at the same time.”

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