Julian Wilson Signs with Nike 6.0

Quiksilver's Prized Pony Wanders into Nike's Pasture

Julian Wilson has had a tremendous year with a signature film and qualifying for the world tour. Apparently it was enough to draw Nike's attention. Photo: Joli

Earlier today, Australian prodigy Julian Wilson pulled away from the warm, nurturing embrace of Quiksilver for a brief stay on the homepage of Nike 6.0. The homepage featured a Q & A with Wilson, and an image of him surfing with a 6.0 logo on his board. However, a mere 45 minutes after the ASP reported on the story, Nike 6.0 removed Wilson from its website altogether. What does this mean? Although it seemed like someone jumped the gun on adding Julian to the Nike 6.0 homepage, subsequent announcements and press releases confirm that Wilson is walking away from Quik in a new pair of Nikes.