Julian Wilson Auctions Pink Surfboard To Benefit Breast Cancer

If you're looking for a new board, appreciate signatures from professional surfers, and willingly drop large sums of money to support the livelihood of breasts, then we've got something right up your alley: Julian Wilson's board from the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast.

Hot off the eBay press, Julian Wilson has opened auction on one of the pink boards that survived his boardicidal performance (he broke like six boards in three days) at Snapper Rock last week in an effort to raise money for breast cancer research and treatment.

The board is signed by Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Jordy Smith, Steph Gilmore, and the rest of the celebrity surf world; it just needs a new owner. As of press time, the board's going for for $406 AU ($268.36 US), which could be a steal. The auction ends March 25, 2009 so shoot your electronic paddle skyward and place a bid now.

All proceeds go directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.