The saga of 11-time world champ Kelly Slater withdrawing from ‘CT events continues. After pulling out of both the Quik and Rip Curl Pros, Slater has officially bowed out of the Margaret River event, set to start next week, due to his ongoing foot injury.

Slater’s absence means that the No.1 injury replacement–Bede Durbidge–would get to take his place. But according to the WSL, Durbidge declined the offer, so second-in-line Miguel Pupo gets the spot. Pupo, who’s currently sitting at the No. 5 spot on the QS, will meet John Florence and Caio Ibelli in Round 1, which could be a hard draw for the goofyfoot Brazilian if the round is held at the Box.

And IF Round 1 is held at the Box, make sure to watch heat 5. The WSL just announced that the unhinged, mullet-sporting Mikey Wright was given the wildcard spot. If you’ve seen Root or any other of Wright’s freesurfing edits, you know Wright is more than capable of blowing minds in slabbing West Oz conditions. If the event stays at Main Break, well, I’d still wager on Wright.

As for Slater’s now-infamous foot: will it be healed in time for the Oi Rio Pro? Who knows. But my guess is he’ll will that appendage into shape for the Keramas event.