You’d be forgiven if you completely forgot about NLand Surf Park, Austin, Texas’ artificial wave pool. It made waves (get it?) back in 2016 when it became the first of the new generation of wave pools in the US to open its doors to the general public. But since the best surfers in the world started flocking to the Surf Ranch and the liquid launch ramps in Waco, Texas, any news of NLand took a back seat to whatever high-performance feat was happening at the newer–and frankly far superior–facilities in Lemoore and Waco.

Until this week, that is. According to ATX Real Estate News and deed records filed December 28 at the Travis County Clerk's office, beer scion Doug Coors (owner of NLand) et al. reportedly sold NLand to Tumbleweed Opco, a Delaware-registered LLC in care of Kelly Slater Wave Co. for an undisclosed price tag (although apparently the Travis Central Appraisal District valued the land and buildings at $4,806,149 for tax year 2018).

It remains unclear what the Kelly Slater Wave Co./WSL intend to do with the property. Do they plan on upgrading the wave-producing machinery into something more like that of the Surf Ranch? If they do, it’s probably safe to say there will be no shortage of workaday surfers who never got a golden ticket in the mail lining up around the block for a shot at the artificial tubes.