Slater's World Title Party

Friends Gather To Celebrate Kelly Slater's Tenth World Title

Bob McKnight and Terry Hardy present Kelly with a gift from Eddie Vedder: His original 10 million copy of Pearl Jam's Ten Album specially reworked to include the KS 10 artwork and the inscription altered to include Kelly's name and recognition of his 10th World Title. Photo: Thomas

An extended group of Kelly Slater's friends and family gathered in a plush LA warehouse on Monday to celebrate his 10th World Title. As you can imagine, when it comes to Kelly, even "intimate" gatherings can number in the hundreds and include catered food, drink and even a giant Kelly cake.

Kelly's agent Terry Hardy presented a gift from Eddie Vedder; his original framed diamond album of Pearl Jam's "10" specially reworked to acknowledge Kelly’s 10 World Titles. Quiksilver CEO, Bob McKnight then mockingly patted his pockets and joked: "I have that $10 million check here somewhere…"
On cue, four suited men with earpieces pushed in a brand new Audi Special Prestige Edition A4 Avant Wagon.

This is like an out-of-body experience," Kelly said with tears in his eyes, "it doesn't feel like all this is happening for me, I'm just stoked its happening to somebody" he laughed.

A giant crash stopped the merriment in its tracks. Was this the big entrance we had been waiting for? Was this the reason the hours of sound check and equipment testing had taken place? Would Eddie Vedder make a surprise appearance? No, it was SURFER scribe Ben Marcus knocking a warehouse wall down, nearly crushing Kelly's new car. For a second, I thought I saw the tear return to the champ’s eye.

An emotional Slater was overwhelmed at the turnout. "This morning I woke up in Florida alone, and looking for a ride to the airport." Photo: Thomas

Kelly's cake. Photo: Thomas

Kelly and country star Dwight Yoakam. Photo: Thomas

Kelly's "perfect 20" board. The inscription reads: To Al and the CI Family. It served its purpose. Thanks. Sincerely, Kelly. P.S. The other half's in Teahupoo. Photo: Thomas

Kelly's cake, after my wife got done with it. Photo: Thomas

Kelly and girlfriend, Kalani Miller. Photo: Thomas