Your 2011 World Champion, glad to have put the final nail in the coffin. Photo: Ellis

Today in the cold onshore winds of Ocean Beach, Slater claimed his eleventh world title by winning his Round 4 non-elimination heat against young Brazilians Miguel Pupo and Gabriel Medina. By advancing straight to the quarterfinals, Slater now has an insurmountable lead and the title race is officially over.

The morning was marred with unfavorable winds for the Ocean Beach sandbars, but the event ran just enough heats to finish Round 3 and start Round 4, giving Kelly a chance to nab the title that he thought he had three days ago. As far as the ASP miscalculations earlier in the week are concerned, Kelly seemed to be a good sport about the whole episode. "I was upset about it, but I also thought it was really funny," Kelly said. "We all make mistakes." Although they may not have been the most ideal circumstances for winning the title, the 2011 ASP World Champion has now officially been crowned. Click here to watch Kelly's entire heat against Miguel and Gabriel, as well as Slater's post-win interview.

The now 11-time World Champ checking the waves just before his title-winning heat. Photo: Ellis

Slater takes a moment to get in the zone for his Round 4 heat. Photo: Ellis

Slater punctuated his Title win by floating a heaving Ocean Beach section. Photo: Ellis

Jordy Smith tried to take advantage of the air-friendly onshores, but came up short against Pat Gudauskas in the second heat of the day. Photo: Ellis

The brothers Slater, celebrating No. 11 all over again. Photo: Ellis

San Clemente's Pat Gudauskas threw a Hail Mary in the form of a rodeo in his Round 3 heat against Jordy Smith. Photo: Ellis

Although Pat got the score he was looking for and took the heat win, he ended up getting carried from the water's edge due to an injury he sustained landing the rodeo. Photo: Ellis

The greatest surfer to ever live celebrates another world title win. Photo: Ellis

Although Miguel Pupo came up short against Kelly Slater in Round 4, the young Brazilian continues to put on progressive displays in even the most junky conditions. Photo: Ellis