Kolohe Helps Tar-jey Build Surf Empire

Kolohe Andino joins forces with the bullseye. Photo: JP Van Swae

Kolohe Andino joins forces with the bull's-eye. Photo: JP Van Swae

It’s official. Not only has Tar-jey slapped a fat bull’s-eye on savings in clothing and home appliances, they’ve also made a giant leap in their burgeoning surf empire. Today, fifteen-year-old San Clemente native Kolohe Andino joined fellow surf superstar Carissa Moore as an ambassador of the Target surf team.

“I’m really excited to be working with Target,” said Andino. “It’s a brand I support and I’m proud to be surfing with the bull’s-eye on my board.”

And why not? With the deal, Andino joins the ranks of mega-brands of action sports like Shaun White and Mat Hoffman who’ve been enjoying their bull’s-eye endorsement for quite some time.

“We’re so happy to have Kolohe representing Target,” said Troy Michels of Target Lifestyle Marketing. “It’s clear that he is a natural fit for our brand. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Brother and look forward to supporting his progression for many years to come.”

Among the first things they could help facilitate is a new video game. Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer, the last notable attempt at pixilated surfing (published in 2002) is getting dusty, and we heard that Shaun White’s got something pretty special going…