Kolohe Andino followed in Keanu Asing's footsteps today, taking the Title in both, the Boys' Under 16 (ISA) and the Boys' Under 18 (ISA), divisions. The level of surfing was at an all time high across all of the heats today making it a very exciting day of competition.

The nailing biting began with the morning's Semi-Finals as local favorite Kanoa Igarashi (CA) bumped Jacob Davis out of the transfer spot in the Boys' Under 12 division with a buzzer beater. It continued through to the Boys' Under 18 (ISA) division when Conner Coffin (CA), who had been dominating the competition all week long, was knocked out by a strong come-back by Luke Davis (CA).

The Finals were equally action-packed with Kulia Doherty (HI) and Lulu Erkeneff (CA) going wave for wave during the Girls' Under 14 Final. They separated themselves from the other competitors early on and it was a close race for the Title. Ultimately, Doherty's 8.10 proved to be enough to hold Erkeneff to a second place finish. The Girls' Under 18 (ISA) was a similar story as Kaleigh Gilchrist (CA) took an aggressive lead early on, lost the lead to an equally aggressive Courtney Conlogue (CA), only to regain, and secure the Title with a power hook that earned her an 8.33 out of a possible 10 points with less than three minutes remaining in the heat.

The most eventful heats of the day however, were the Boys' Under 16 (ISA) and Boys' Under 18 (ISA) division Finals as all of the athletes in both held nothing back. In the Boys' Under 16 (ISA) Final the judges scored an unprecedented 38 waves as Conner Coffin (CA), Luke Davis (CA), and Parker Coffin (CA) were all relentless in their attempts to catch Andino who had taken an early lead with a huge air that earned him a near perfect, 9.33.

The last Final of day had everyone on the beach watching intently as Andino set out for a double shot of victory against Luke Davis (CA), Evan Thompson (FL) and Dylan Goodale (HI). All of the surfers were laying down huge maneuvers in an attempt to edge out the competition. Goodale launched a gigantic air 360 off the lip for a solid 7.5 wave score, but in the end Andino was simply on fire today, his hard work paying off with two very impressive results.

The Final Results for the 2009 SIMA Surfing America USA Championships:

Boys' Under 18 (ISA) Finals Results
1. Kolohe Andino (CA) 17.77, 2. Evan Thompson (FL) 16.70, 3.Dylan Goodale (HI) 11.00, 4. Luke Davis (FL) 8.00

Girls' Under 18(ISA) Finals Results
1. Kaleigh Gilchrist (CA) 14.83, 2. Courtney Conlogue (CA) 13.00, 3. Lake Peterson (CA) 9.66, 4. Natalie Anzivino (CA) 6.80

Boys' Under 16 (ISA) Finals Results
1. Kolohe Andino (CA) 17.50, 2. Conner Coffin (CA) 16.34, 3. Luke Davis (CA) 12.93, 4. Parker Coffin (CA) 8.43

Girls' Under 16 Finals Results
1. Katherine Clark (CA) 14.20, 2. Lakey Peterson (CA)12.33, 3. Quincy Davis (NY) 11.83, 4. Darsha Pigford (NC) 4.83

Boys' Under 14 Finals Results
1. Parker Coffin (CA) 14.67, 2. Kadin Panesi (CA) 11.06, 3. Kanoa Igarashi (CA) 8.67, 4. Andrew Jacobson (CA) 7.74

Girls' Under 14 Finals Results
1. Kulia Doherty (HI) 2.26, 2. Lulu Erkeneff (CA) 10.07, 3. Baily Nagy (HI) 8.26, 4.Darsha Pigford (NC) 7.16

Boys' Under 12 Finals Results
1. Jacob Davis (CA) 13.30, 2. Kanoa Igarashi (CA) 12.03, 3. Corey Colapinto (CA) 8.43, 4. Griffin Colapinto (CA) 7.23

Girls' Under 12 Finals Results
1. Dax McGill (HI)13.44, 2. Rossi Klein (FL) 8.30, 3. Frankie Harrer (CA) 5.93, 4. Avalon Johnson (CA) 3.96

Boys' Under 18 (ISA) Semi-Finals Results (1st and 2nd Advance)
Heat 1: Dylan Goodale 16.97, Evan Thompson 14.73, Andrew Doheny 14.17, Victor Done 6.87
Heat 2: Luke Davis (CA)12.37, Kolohe Andino (CA)11.34, Conner Coffin (CA) 10.90, Nathan Carvalho (HI) 9.13

Girls' Under 18 (ISA) Semi-Finals Results (1st and 2nd Advance)
Heat 1: Kaleigh Gilchrist (CA) 11.57, Lakey Peterson (CA) 8.66, Jasset Umbel (FL) 6.27
Heat 2: Courtney Conlogue (CA)16.93, Natalie Anzivino (CA) 8.34, Quincy Davis (NY) 5.77

Boys' Under 14 Semi-Finals Results (1st and 2nd Advance)
Heat 1: Parker Coffin (CA) 14.56, Kadin Panesi (CA) 12.50, Nic Hdez (CA) 11.00
Heat 2: Kanoa Igarashi (CA) 14.17, Andrew Jacobson (CA) 13.07, Cameron Richards (SC) 8.94

Boys' Under 12 Semi-Finals Results (1st and 2nd Advance)
Heat 1: Corey Colapinto (CA) 9.96, Griffin Colapinto (CA) 9.43, Andrew Rooney (NJ) 4.56, Colin Deveze (CA) 3.00
Heat 2: Kanoa Igarashi (CA) 14.00, Jacob Davis (CA) 13.20, Jake Marshall (CA) 12.66, Tyler Gunter (CA) 4.77

These surfers were not only competing for a National Title, but also for a chance to represent the United States in the 2010 Quiksilver/ISA World Junior Surfing Championships in New Zealand this January as a member of the 2009/2010 PacSun USA Surf Team. The athletes that earned this honor include:

U18 Men

Conner Coffin, Andrew Doheny, Evan Thompson, Evan Geiselman, Luke Davis

Development Squad: Ian Crane, Cam Richards

U16 Men
Kolohe Andino, Jake Halstead, Parker Coffin, Colin Moran, Trevor Thornton
Development Squad: Kanoa Igarashi, Taylor Clarke

U18 Women
Courtney Conlogue, Lakey Peterson, Kaleigh Gilchrist, Quincy Davis, Taylor Pitz
Development Squad: Jassett Umbrell, Catherine Clark

For the full highlight reel, photos, videos and more check out surfingamericalive.com.

Congratulations to all 2009 SIMA Surfing America USA Champions and the newly appointed members of the 2009/2010 PacSun USA Surf Team. Best of luck at the 2010 Quiksilver/ISA World Junior Surfing Championships.