Joel Tudor has fused his passion for martial arts and surfing as head of the design and development of recently launched Kook Box boards. The Kook Box name was pulled from Tom Blake’s original fin’d, hollow boards of the 30s that were used for U.S. special forces training. These same forces that were trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitzu and by Canadian Doctor would later be known as Navy Seals.

Throughout the product line, images and logos from Canadian Doctor’s manuscripts are used, a reminder of the martial art influence of discipline that Kook Box aspires to join with the surfing attitude.

The Boards will have a Limited Annual run meaning there will be no more than 1,000 boards of each year. Models will change every year, with only select boards returning. This keeps the development, experimentation, creativity and excitement at a high level.

“We’re incredibly grateful to be at this point in surfing”, said Tudor. “A time where one can watch surfing’s progression and simultaneously gain inspiration from our heroes and legends. Sometimes what we throw away and disregard as unusable or outdated one day turns out to be what we are really looking for all the time…”

The label values culture, respect, honor, discipline, health and progression of culture defined through intelligence. Tudor’s commitment to progressive surf design, history and his experimental style, are testified by the Kook Box designs.