Korduroy vs. Follow The Fish

Battle of The Blogs Finals Preview


Wouldn't you know that it would be a battle of USA v. Australia in the Finals. But despite popular assumption, it won't be California's Golden Child, Dane Reynolds, representing the U.S.—it will be the San Diego surf blog Korduroy.tv. Korduroy pulled off what is no question the biggest upset yet by narrowly edging out Marine Layer Productions in a down-to-the-wire semifinal match-up.

Up against Korduroy.tv is one of surfing's most iconic party figures, Paul "Follow The Fish" Fisher, representing the land Down Under. Defeating the popular design blog Surfy Surfy in the semis, Fisher proved that his crazy lifestyle and antics are, well, more entertaining to Surfermag.com readers than surfboard design knowledge. Fisher brings a strong following to the Finals and will rise to the next challenge.

"His blog is hilarious—I checked it out for the first time a couple weeks ago and laughed my ass off," said Korudroy.tv founder, blogger, and finalist, Cyrus Sutton. "I was surprised to see Surfy Surfy lose though. It's like drawing the Duke in your heat. I guess since they're not in the final, it's rad that it's the globe-trotting party animal versus the stoked surf geeks from San Diego."

Which one of these two bloggers will have bragging rights for years to come? Click here to cast your vote on who should take home the highly touted trophy.